Glowforge 4″x 4″ Engraving

Step 1: Choose an image to be laser ingraved. I chose a Bitmoji image and emailed it to myself to later on be transferred to Adobe Illustrator and Glowforge.

Step 2: Upload your image onto Abobe Illustrator. In the top left corner near Window, choose View and scrole down to Rulers and change the units to milimetres. Add a secondary layer and add a red rectangle for the cutline. For our image, we brought in the corners to 10mm to achieve the rounded corners. After we brought the rest of the white rectangle in. This step is not required, but it creates a cleaner and tidier look.

Note: Place the “raster’ graphic but do not image trace it.

Step 3: One of the most imporant steps included in this process is saving your image as an SVG file. The reasoning of having to save your image as an SVG is so that when you’re ready to upload your image onto the Glowforge app, it displays both your cutline and scoring. To save as an SVG, go File, save as, and save your image onto desktop. There it should allow you to click on the blue and white arrows to open up the saving options. Choose SVG and make sure you have Embed selected.

Step 4: Send your teacher your SVG file. There they will uplaod your file onto the Glowforge app. As a result of saving your image as an SVG file, when you do upload your file onto Glowforge, on the far left hand side both your scoring and cutline outlines should pop up.

Step 5: The final step of the 4″ x 4″ Engraving. Print your image!




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