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3D Printed Pencil Cup

3D Pencil Cup – Fail and Success



Step One: To decide what I wanted to print, Mr. Sader advised me to use Thingiverse, a website which has thousands of 3D printing ideas and already made files. 

Step Two: My first print, the fail, I had landed on was a two coloured, woven together, pencil cup/holder. I read every comment, looked at all the makes, and remixes and all looked good. As a result of the print having two colours we assumed that the two different files, the top and base, would just weave together once each print was complete.

Step Three: I downloaded both STL files, uploaded the files onto Dremel, changed the files to Standard PLA and removed the supports, as the ‘Thing Details’ said they aren’t required.

Step Four: We printed the base first. Once it was complete, Mr. Sader realized that once we had both pieces, there was absolutely no was of being able to twist both parts together to make one. With more research, we later found out that it was only possible to have one print, with two colours, using a machine where you could have to colours loaded and being used at once. So all-in-all…..technically the first print wasn’t a fail, but technically it was.



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