How to Get Real Friends

Everybody wants friendship. God even said that it’s not good for man to be alone, but not all of us have friendship and community, and that’s a problem, because not only do we want friendship and community, but we’re made for it, therefore we ask ourselves “What are the things we need in order to have real community and friendships?” You need at least availability and vulnerability in order to acquire these, but in order to acquire these, you must have carefree timelessness. Having carefree timelessness means you’ve made yourself available, and because of this, you should be open to friendships and making time for other people. Of course, this doesn’t mean you need to do this for EVERYBODY in your life, you CAN’T, because none of us are omnipresent like God, but we CAN make ourselves available to the people we’re closest to such as family and friends that we already have. There is also a difference between transparency and vulnerability. Transparency is like being in a fishbowl and from the outside, you can see everything, but vulnerability is where you let people into the fishbowl and can move some things around a little bit. However, vulnerability is risky because you can move one another’s stuff around, which means that they can hurt you and you can hurt them. This is why trust must be earned, but once it IS earned, being in the deep work of being vulnerable is highly important. This is why carefree timelessness leads to shared experiences, because it cultivates community and friendship, and when it does, you allow your friendship to grow alongside of your community, therefore having REAL friendship and community.

Parents Must be Open to Children

Like the title says, parents must be open to children, not should, but must! In Fr. Mike’s video, we learn that the point of marriage is to have children. Sure, some couples may be infertile, but if a couple wishes to have children, then they are fulfilling their sacraments in marriage. Marriage isn’t about self, but a gift of self. Because it’s a gift of self, it is oriented towards the procreation and education of children. Even though the point in marriage is to have children, there may be an infertile couple that may still want to have children, which is good because they’re not doing anything wrong. Marriage is the one relationship in the world that is oriented towards producing more human beings, and because of that, every couple that comes together has to be open to children or else it’s not a sacrament. In basic terms, you must be open to loving like God loves, or it’s not a sacrament of God’s love.

Why God Still Allows Suffering

People often ask why God doesn’t end suffering, or why he doesn’t take away evil and are left unanswered. The reason why God doesn’t end suffering and/or evil is because in order to take away suffering and/or evil, God would have to take away freedom. Like Fr. Mike had said, look at the Injustice series in the DC Comics universe. Because the Joker used Scarecrow’s fear toxin against Superman, and manipulated Superman into thinking that he was fighting Doomsday when it was actually Lois Lane, he ended up killing her without knowing until the toxin gave out. After the toxin ran out, knowing Superman, against his will, killed his wife, he eliminates the Joker and afterwards crime itself. Batman is against Superman’s movement because even though Superman eliminated crime, he eliminated freedom. Superman eliminated freedom alongside crime without realizing it and because crime in that universe is no longer existent, nobody has the freedom to choose what they wish to do with their lives, because the only generic thing they can do that is between good and evil is good. Because Superman eliminated freedom alongside crime, he did an evil thing, because no one can choose what they want to do, which is why Batman is against Superman’s movement, because again, without realizing, Superman did something evil himself, when his power was to only do good. So God won’t end suffering NOT because he doesn’t care, because he does, but if he were to take it away, he would have to take away freedom.


Leaving Home

So it’s the summer after graduating Grade 12. We’re all getting ready to go to college and university,  and I’m excited. I’m excited because I finally get to do coding to get my university degree for Desktop Publishing. I’m also excited because when I get a job, I’ll be able to save money to build computers on the side and sell them, making more of a profit. As I get more and more into money-making, I plan on modifying any vehicle I own and putting them in shows and races. Yes, I understand that it may take a while, say about 5 years, but it’s what I want to do, and with the mindset that I have, I can make it happen. Besides, it takes money to make money. You have to spend money to get to a certain part of your life when you want to race and build computers, half of which is for a living, and the other half for fun. In the end, I’m not afraid because I know I can accomplish the goals I want to achieve in life.

Alexander Rutherford Scholarship

What is it?:  This scholarshi[ was named in honour after Alexander Rutherford, a man who had the distinction of being Alberta’s first Premier and Minister of Education, he was known for his strong support of public education, particularly the U of A and his active involvement in community affairs.

What’s it’s purpose?: to recognize and award academic achievement of senior high school students and encourage them to pursue post-secondary studies.

What’s it’s value?: $2,500

How do you make yourself eligible?: Apply once your high school transcript marks are available and when you are enrolled in full-time post-secondary studies.

Favorite Hobbies

  1. Video games: My number one hobby is playing video games. I play all kinds of video game genres such as First Person Shooters, Racing, Sandbox, Adventure, Action, etc. One of my all-time favorites, other than Minecraft, is the entire Need For Speed series. Sure, it may all just be racing to some people, but in the most recent game, Heat, you can do legalized day racing, and in the night you can do illegal street racing, allowing cops to chase after you. After a long period of time, if you haven’t yet gotten rid of the cops, your heat will go up depending on how long it may take you.

2. Motorsports: One of my other favorite hobbies is motorsports. When I talk about motorsports, I mean going out back-40 camping with my parents and going quadding with my parents and other friends. Usually, when we go camping and quadding we plan on going through mud puddles and other stuff, otherwise known as mudding. Normally we go quadding out in the mountains, and when we go to the mountains, there’s mud, rivers, nooks and crannies, etc. What makes all of this fun is the fact that you get stuck sometimes and get to see the other struggle to get their machine out from the mud.

3. Guitar: Another favorite hobby of mine is playing the guitar. Even though I don’t have a guitar teacher, I try to teach myself by listening to the chords of the lead guitar. Most of the music I listen to is either classic rock or new rock. I started trying to play at the age of 12 when I got my first guitar for my birthday and I’ve had the same guitar ever since. The guitar I have is a George Washburn Limited (GWL) Electric. When I get better at playing the guitar, I plan on learning how to play the drums because I find playing the drums would be entertaining for myself.