“Thou shalt not covet”

The 10th Commandment mentions we shouldn’t covet, or simply, crave what we feel we “need” in life. If we do this, we are giving into the flesh rather giving into the spirit. My mother always tells me that we don’t need it because it’s just simply, stuff. My mother tells me we need to read the Bible more and also with each other more than we do on our electronics, as much as THINK my father would want to agree with this, he couldn’t as a lot of things he does for work with his business and associating with politicians is on his phone and laptop. He can’t stop as much as we would like to so he could have a break, but he’s always too busy. If he doesn’t have inventory, or doesn’t have to work on his truck, he’s always got to write a report for work. So, please, don’t give into the flesh, but the spirit, otherwise, things will get more complicated than they need to be.Image result for busy people's images

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