Well, out of all the things I THOUGHT I was going to be, I didn’t think that my interests were going to make lead me to the path of becoming an engineer. I don’t think it means as in a rig welder though because my main subject area of knowledge is “Computers”. Another thing for this, if I would be a rig welder is that I’m not sure if I would be good at it considering that I am mainly a visual learner and not and not auditory. One of the good things about this is that I’m mainly Investigative, so if I need to fix anything on my own, I’ll more than likely know what the problem is just by looking. Another thing is that I like keeping things realistic, so therefore, I don’t like making things TOO fancy as we don’t need a lot of stuff! If anyone needs help with computers or anything else, here’s my “Interests” and “Knowledge”.

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