GIMP Photoshopping – How To Make a “Find The 6 Differences” Picture

Some people think puzzles are fun, others, well… Not so much. But finding six differences in a picture can sometimes be easy OR hard, but mine is BOTH! All I really needed to do for this assignment was change color in certain areas, the REAL thing that was hard was to be VERY detailed for the specific areas of the picture I wanted to be color changed, and what I mean by “detailed” is that I had to look for EVERY specific angle of the specific item I wanted to color change, but of course, I can’t mention which part it was, so my hint is that “they grow in Florida, and they have thorns.” Once you find it, look VERY CLOSELY at the difference, there are angles that were VERY hard for me to find on that object! The irony of something easy to find is that it is sometimes hard to edit! Here’s the original image to get a hint:

Original image of “Find The 6 Differences”

All I had to do was select a specific image, now obviously I won’t show which ones because… Well… DUH! However, I CAN show you what I did to edit the image! The one MAIN step I had to do throughout this ENTIRE assignment was to use “Hue-Saturation” for the objects I selected:

Color change is the KEY to “Find The 6 Differences”

Unfortunately, I can’t show anything else other than this. If this was a different assignment I would show more screenshots, but as this post is titled “Find The 6 Differences” YOU must find what I have done.

This is the photo I had decided to edit using GIMP. You’re probably thinking that this is an easy photo to edit, but with the objects that I (emphasize on the I) decided to edit, at least 3/4 of the angles I had to get at weren’t easy to get at all, especially when the angles feel like they’re only 10 degrees, yes, at LEAST that much was that hard to edit! But enough talk already! It’s time for YOU to FIND THE 6 DIFFERENCES! This is what you must work with (original = top, edit = bottom):

Final outcome of “Find The 6 Differences”


GIMP Photoshopping – (BONUS ROUND – BeFunky) How To Make Your Own Bucket List Collage

For my final post about GIMP photoshopping, unfortunately, GIMP isn’t actually capable of creating collages, so, therefore, I used a website called “BeFunky” to get the job done.

On my own bucket list, I found what I wanted to do before I die, and that is of the following:

Own the Koenigsegg Agera RSR
Own the first 2020 Shelby Super Snake F-150
Build my own $25,000 gaming PC
Go on a race track


After finding the images¬† I wanted, I started my collage. I’ve never used Be Funky before, and I have to say, it was VERY simple! The only thing I truly needed to do was left OR right-click on the square I wanted to put an image in and then add subtitles to the image. And why I say that it was very simple to do is because there’s literally nothing hard about it! This is what it looks like when you start:


Once I added the four photos into the collage, I edited them to have subtitles into the pictures and my end result was better than I anticipated, really! It looked like this:

End results of collage

I have to say, for a collage maker, this was one of the best, or maybe even THE best I have ever used! If YOU want to try, by all means! The website is called BeFunky and it is, once again, VERY easy to use!

GIMP Photoshopping – How To Color Change Images

Where I got the original image.

The original image is a 2017 Chevrolet Corvette Grand Sport:

The second image was used with an editing process called “curves”. This allows me to change the brightness of the image:


The third image gets a little bit more interesting, this image was photoshopped to look like a different vehicle wrap with a different color background. To achieve this, I went under the option called “colors” and chose “Hue-Saturation” to make the image look different, and this is what I have achieved:

Last but not least, to make the colors of the image to look a little bit more vivid, again I went under “colors” and instead of “Hue-Saturation”, I selected “Brightness-Contrast” and achieved a more vivid image, so now the image looks like this:

Color changed 2017 Corvette Grand Sport

This is just the beginning of my photoshop work using GIMP, my next assignment I wish to create a much harder photoshopped image of duplicated images of myself.