GIMP Photoshopping – How To Color Change Images

Where I got the original image.

The original image is a 2017 Chevrolet Corvette Grand Sport:

The second image was used with an editing process called “curves”. This allows me to change the brightness of the image:


The third image gets a little bit more interesting, this image was photoshopped to look like a different vehicle wrap with a different color background. To achieve this, I went under the option called “colors” and chose “Hue-Saturation” to make the image look different, and this is what I have achieved:

Last but not least, to make the colors of the image to look a little bit more vivid, again I went under “colors” and instead of “Hue-Saturation”, I selected “Brightness-Contrast” and achieved a more vivid image, so now the image looks like this:

Color changed 2017 Corvette Grand Sport

This is just the beginning of my photoshop work using GIMP, my next assignment I wish to create a much harder photoshopped image of duplicated images of myself.

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