Favorite Hobbies

  1. Video games: My number one hobby is playing video games. I play all kinds of video game genres such as First Person Shooters, Racing, Sandbox, Adventure, Action, etc. One of my all-time favorites, other than Minecraft, is the entire Need For Speed series. Sure, it may all just be racing to some people, but in the most recent game, Heat, you can do legalized day racing, and in the night you can do illegal street racing, allowing cops to chase after you. After a long period of time, if you haven’t yet gotten rid of the cops, your heat will go up depending on how long it may take you.

2. Motorsports: One of my other favorite hobbies is motorsports. When I talk about motorsports, I mean going out back-40 camping with my parents and going quadding with my parents and other friends. Usually, when we go camping and quadding we plan on going through mud puddles and other stuff, otherwise known as mudding. Normally we go quadding out in the mountains, and when we go to the mountains, there’s mud, rivers, nooks and crannies, etc. What makes all of this fun is the fact that you get stuck sometimes and get to see the other struggle to get their machine out from the mud.

3. Guitar: Another favorite hobby of mine is playing the guitar. Even though I don’t have a guitar teacher, I try to teach myself by listening to the chords of the lead guitar. Most of the music I listen to is either classic rock or new rock. I started trying to play at the age of 12 when I got my first guitar for my birthday and I’ve had the same guitar ever since. The guitar I have is a George Washburn Limited (GWL) Electric. When I get better at playing the guitar, I plan on learning how to play the drums because I find playing the drums would be entertaining for myself.

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