Parents Must be Open to Children

Like the title says, parents must be open to children, not should, but must! In Fr. Mike’s video, we learn that the point of marriage is to have children. Sure, some couples may be infertile, but if a couple wishes to have children, then they are fulfilling their sacraments in marriage. Marriage isn’t about self, but a gift of self. Because it’s a gift of self, it is oriented towards the procreation and education of children. Even though the point in marriage is to have children, there may be an infertile couple that may still want to have children, which is good because they’re not doing anything wrong. Marriage is the one relationship in the world that is oriented towards producing more human beings, and because of that, every couple that comes together has to be open to children or else it’s not a sacrament. In basic terms, you must be open to loving like God loves, or it’s not a sacrament of God’s love.

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