Everything motivates us and for me, I am motivated by many different things. I get motivated by recognition, my top motivation factor, I believe that if I work hard and get recognized for it I will be more motivated to do even better. For instance when I am recognized for my attention to detail that… Continue reading Motivations


I would like to think that I have a vast knowledge about different subjects such as history, different cultures, cooking but the knowledge test thinks different with my top subjects being science, technological trades, and languages. Personally out of the three the only one that I have knowledge about is science. Science is such an… Continue reading Knowledge

My Interest Type

My interest type is the Futurist and that just means I have a creative approach to thinking and am curious about exploring new ideas. Some of my interests include baking, and that could be because as a “futurist” so I like working alone, but I have always found baking enjoyable because I can try new… Continue reading My Interest Type

Who Am I

From taking the who am I test on MyBluprint I learned that my personality is one of an INTJ. This is an acronym for Introversion, intuition, thinking, and judging. Some characteristics that come with being an INTJ are that I’m organized, thoughtful, make logical decisions, and am surprisingly very reflective about things. In addition, the… Continue reading Who Am I

My Learning Style

After taking the MyBlueprint Quiz I gained the knowledge that I am a Visual learner. This comes as a surprise to because I had always found it more helpful to be an auditory learner, however as I think about it more my results make sense. In addition the quiz also gave me some study tips… Continue reading My Learning Style

Hello world!

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