My Learning Style

After taking the MyBlueprint Quiz I gained the knowledge that I am a Visual learner. This comes as a surprise to because I had always found it more helpful to be an auditory learner, however as I think about it more my results make sense. In addition the quiz also gave me some study tips for my style of learning, that included highlighting key ideas or concepts within my notes. This tip I have been doing for years and found it to be a very strong tool when studying and I will probably continue to use it. Another study tip was to use graphic organizers like Venn diagrams or web diagrams, etc. I have used this method a few times though it has been unsuccessful because I feel unable to focus properly when there is so much going on. Then the quiz also included a third tip on pausing and creating mental images about concepts. I’ve never tried this but it does seem very helpful in situation like maps or placing things in order, so next time I will try that out. The final study tip is turning concepts into charts or diagrams which I have never done, but I feel like if I did this I wouldn’t be able focus properly when there is so much going on and therefore I probably won’t try this study tip. Overall I think learning my studying skill will help me in the future to be more open about different visual ways to learn and help me achieve a new, better academic performance.

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