Who Am I

From taking the who am I test on MyBluprint I learned that my personality is one of an INTJ. This is an acronym for Introversion, intuition, thinking, and judging. Some characteristics that come with being an INTJ are that I’m organized, thoughtful, make logical decisions, and am surprisingly very reflective about things. In addition, the quiz showed me things I had already knew including how I like to work alone,  focus on big picture ideas, and prefer to stay out of the spotlight. However, out of all the different qualities my most valuable personality trait is my capability to make decisions without a personal bias as the test said. I feel this because when a person makes decisions having a bias that can make it difficult to logically think and those people often make the wrong decision. This may sound strange but that is how I feel. In conclusion, I think it is important to learn my personality type to help me find out new things about myself that I can either grow on like my organized personality, or begin to change such as my unwillingness to be in the Spotlight.

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