My Interest Type

My interest type is the Futurist and that just means I have a creative approach to thinking and am curious about exploring new ideas. Some of my interests include baking, and that could be because as a “futurist” so I like working alone, but I have always found baking enjoyable because I can try new things and make others happy with what I make. Another one of my interests are knitting, this is because it allows me to be creative and really get in touch with my artist secondary interest trait. Knitting is also enjoyable because then I can explore so many different techniques and create a fun variety projects. My final big interest would be watching true Crime documentaries, they can be kinda spooky to think about but it gives me time to enjoy coming up with logical and creative solutions to the problem. Ironically my primary interest trait is 81% investigative. True Crime also interest me because when I do get something wrong I can reflect on why my thinking was different or out of the box from the shows.




All my life I have never known what to do after high school, but as I get closer to grade 12 I think I want to pursue something in the sciences. I believe I would do something in the neurosciences and how the structure of your brain affects the person you are. The who am I test also thinks so too with occupation matches like a biochemist, which sounds fun but I believe I would be tired of it fast. A geneticist who studies the genes, almost like what I want to do but for the brain. And an astronomer, a career that I have considered though to think about too long kinda freaks me out and dedicating my life to it would wouldn’t be rewarding. All these different jobs are awesome representations of my investigative, realistic, and artistic personality traits. My personal interests however,  don’t relate to what I want to do in the future and don’t affect what I want to become when I go off to University. Although if you really think about it maybe baking could be a type of chemistry, mixing all the different substances to make one fascinating or delicious mixture. In conclusion the description of my interest type described my real interests well, and showed all the different occupation pathways in life I can take with these interest opening may doors for new possibilities about my future.

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