I would like to think that I have a vast knowledge about different subjects such as history, different cultures, cooking but the knowledge test thinks different with my top subjects being science, technological trades, and languages. Personally out of the three the only one that I have knowledge about is science. Science is such an interesting topic and for as long as I remember I have loved science class and whatever chance I get I’ll watch shows about the science of the brain, or the science of space and thats why I know so much about it. So when this was a match test result I wasn’t taken by surprise because I already know love it, knew about it and want to go to collage to study it. However the other two top subject ideas don’t really interest me and I don’t have any prior knowledge about them. Technological trades includes construction and agriculture, but those things have never interested me because I like to work with my brain and think of new ideas, not do manual labour. Then there was languages, so jobs like speaking, reading and writing and though I do enjoy shows about deciphering lost languages I would never actually learn languages, in fact french class is one of my least favourite classes.


Included in the knowledge quiz was a group of careers also. This including engineering, designing new technologies, and I know many engineers so from my personal experience I believe it would be too boring and repetitive of a job for me. There was also a career in mathematics that could be a fascinating job, calculating different possibilities but I’m not very good with numbers and would get lost in them fast. So out of engineering and mathematics and the other career clusters the sciences are still the only ones that interest me and the only ones I would persue. I think because everyday is different and you always have a chance to change the world with a new discovery. The occupation matches also had given me new ideas about what I could do in the future like a Bioinformatics, Biochemical Engineer, and biophysics in my opinion all outstanding interesting jobs that I would consider for my future. And even though most of my interest don’t relate to the career cluster options the only one that might is my interest in learning. Overall the knowledge test gave me a wide variety to expand my knowledge to and some to further investigate my knowledge with.


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