Everything motivates us and for me, I am motivated by many different things. I get motivated by recognition, my top motivation factor, I believe that if I work hard and get recognized for it I will be more motivated to do even better. For instance when I am recognized for my attention to detail that makes me feel really good and I get motivated to use that skill in more aspects of my life. Another one of my motivations from the my-blueprint was achievements. I feel very motivated after finishing a school project or cleaning my room and those achievements motivate me to do more. For example every morning I make my bed even if I don’t want to because then for the rest of the day that motivates me to go to school, get my work done, and do my tests that day. Also even though they weren’t on the quiz I feel that the end result motivates me, like when I’m baking the finished products motivates me to get it done, or getting dressed on the weekends so I feel awake, motivated and ready to take on the day. Overall I feel that the results of the motivation test were very accurate and I use them everyday.



Knowing what motivates me may not allow me to achieve my goal of going to a good college and studing what I love, but they will help me in smaller goals. For instance, finishing my tests on time a lot of the time I feel overwhelmed about them and only having forty minutes to finish a test. Nevertheless recognizing that I studied and am prepared helps me to finish on time. Also knowing my motivation gained from achievements will help me with goals like cleaning, it is so hard to wake up and just start cleaning the whole house or my room so starting off with little things like dusting and finishing it will motivate me to do more and more until I’ve done all I have to do. In conclusion, knowing what motivates me will in turn help me to achieve my goals and can even help me be a better student, daughter, and person.



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