My Learning Style

My learning style


My learning style is not what I thought it would have turned out as.  My learning style is auditory.  That survey was a real eye opener.  Before that survey I would have described myself as an observer and a listener. Now I know what I need to do if I would like to retain something really good I need to listen to it.  Next time when my dad gets mad at me for not remembering something I will tell him that I need to hear it, listen to it, look at it and see it to remember. 


 I learn best the Auditory way.  Which means that I learn best by listening.  To be honest I actually thought I would learn better by observing.  I would rather listen anyway then read it myself.  I am 36% auditory.  Next time when I have a test I am going to get someone to read it to me.  My next highest learning style is visual.  I am 35% visual.  Which is what I would have described myself as.  I like to go watch things and how it works.  I am not really surprised by that.  I am also 29% kinesthetic.  That one also does not surprise me because I do like to touch and feel.  So those are my learning styles.  Some of these styles surprised me and some of them did not.  This was a very cool quiz.

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