My Interests

Today I did a survey that was on all of my Interests.  It was exactly what I would have described my interests as.  My overall interest type is called the developer.  Which is pretty cool because I do like to start projects.  Like when my sisters and I started a little chicken business. 


My first interest is being realistic.  People like me focus on working with plants, animals, materials, tools, machines and being outdoors.  People that also are realistic usually don’t like paperwork and like working closely with others.  This interest is cool because I like doing all of the things up above.  I also really like being outside.


My other interest was enterprising.  People that like enterprising usually like to take risks  and chances.  Which I also like to take chances and risks.  Taking risks is fun.  It’s fun taking risks because if you get away with it it feels so relieving.  That’s why this quiz is so helpful because it confirms who you are.


This was a very helpful quiz.  It told me what I like to do.  Now I know that my interests are an actual thing and that other people might even like to do.  My interest type is the developer and I kind of like developing and making stuff.


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