Today I did a survey on my knowledge.  It was a very helpful survey.  The subject that I have the most knowledge in is business.  Secondly I have knowledge in trades and thirdly I have knowledge in Physical education.


The first subject is knowledge.  It said that I am 100% business.  Some of the topics may include Accounting, Entrepreneurship and Marketing.  The only thing that I do not like is accounting because a lot of people depend on you and if you mess up it’s all your falt.  I do like the other two topics though.  I like starting little businesses and I don’t mind sweet talking somebody into something.


The second subject is Trades.  Some of the topics may include Agriculture, Cosmetology, Foods and Construction.  The trades that I like the most are heavy duty mechanic, welding and agriculture.  When I get older I want to be a heavy duty mechanic.  The last subject is physical education.  I do like gym time.  I like working and playing.

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