A Fun concert

 I would want my ideal concert to be the experience of a lifetime.  I would want it to be something that you remember forever. I want there to be lots of lights and speakers that are really loud, I also want there to be smoke machines and the musicians interact with the crowd.


I would like to go to a concert outside in the summertime. I would like it to be full of people who like the band and they are not controversial. When that band is playing I would like everybody chanting and you can hear the band for miles upon miles, and people saying; “what is all that rucas.” I want the temperature to be like 17 degrees celsius so that with everybody around you, you don’t get too hot.


When I go to my ideal concert I want it to be beside a beach. I want it beside a beach because most concerts are only with the band that I like only perform one night so that way I could go to a concert and later on turn it into a holiday. I would like the concert to face the beach so that when you are watching, interacting and singing I could do all that and swim at the same time. I would like one of those little concessions in the water as well that way I could grab a hotdog and a pop.


I would like the band to do a collaboration with a couple other bands that I like.  The collaboration that I would like would be Joan Jett and the blackhearts, Ozzy Osbourne, ACDC, and Motley Crue. I like Motley Crue because the drummer Tommy Lee was the creator of the drum set rollercoaster, which means that he drums upside and sideways all while playing the drums. I like ACDC because all of their songs have a good beat and rhythm, I like Ozzy Osborne for the same reason and I like Joan Jett and the blackhearts because when she sings it’s amazing.


I don’t want a private concert, I want lots of people at my concert. The people are what makes a concert a concert. I would like my concert because it is on the water so people on boats and kayaks could stop by and watch for half an hour and enjoy the music. If I had the money no one would pay to get in just a maximum of 10,000 people.

This is what my ideal concert would be.  All of the things on this list are what I would absolutely love. I could only imagine swimming at a concert, eating in the water and having my favorite bands play. These are my wishes at a concert.



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