Crystal Was Here Jan.13

On Saturday my brother Michael called us and told us that he would be announcing and commenting (like broadcasting) on a few basketball and volleyball games. It was very exciting to hear that from him because he wants to talk on the radio and do different types of broadcasting for like sports events like hockey basketball or football. Their are not any conflicts at school for me except this week there is a science test and a social studies test on Wednesday. I plan to study lots for both of them today and tomorrow. I don’t try to start any fights at home. It’s just some misunderstandings if I have some dishes in my room and I don’t bring them out to put in the sink. It’s just some dumb fights. Right now I don’t have any conflicts with the community. Probably the hardest conflict to deal with is the school tests I have. Sometimes it’s like this where 2 test are either in the same week or on the same day. It’s hard to study both of them on the same nights because it’s like do I study science and not social tonight and I miss out on studying the other subject or vice versa. Or do I study both the same night and not get enough studying with both of them. Usually in a conflict I am ¨Cold as Ice¨ because if someone starts kind of yelling at me i’ll get mad and i’ll start yelling back at them but then still trying to be calm the situation later and not try and actually start a fight with this person. No, because if i’m mad at this person i’ll try to calm the situation but in my mind i’ll be telling myself if this doesn’t stop I might actually get in a fight with this person.

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