“Life’s Scientific”

When Piggy says “life’s scientific” he speaks the truth. The world around them is crumbling and falling apart. The boys were all shipped on planes and crash landed on this island not knowing what to do. It is up to them to decide what to do or they risk letting the chaos begin. Everything the boys do and say affect what happens to them. Just like a science experiment. Anything that happens to them happens for a reason. Religious people will believe that it happened because God “told” them to do it.


Ideas of making shelter and fire, and how to hunt are all decisions that the boys face when on the island. On their second day of being on the island they all agree to make shelters for their survival. The boys need to make careful and effective decisions on the island and making shelter for them should be a given. Without shelter they won’t be able to protect themselves in the night. Making that kind of decision would be crucial, and without doing so could result in hurting themselves. Choosing between have or not have shelter can be a risky decision. Many people on an island wouldn’t choose not to have shelter if given the chance.


On their first night being stranded on this island, one of the boys says they should build a fire using Piggy’s glasses. There are others ways of making fires without them, but that would take to long and they would be less effective. Having that boy suggest the idea of Piggy’s glasses for the fire can be a scientific decision in their lives at that moment. Using his glasses is the only real example of making the smartest and effective chose when making the fire.


While being on the island Ralph makes Jack and his boys the leaders of the hunt. With Jack having the knife with him on hand while they landed, makes him the most qualified in hunting for food on the island. Jack and his knife make him the most dangerous. Being stranded on an island the only logical thing a human should do is to hunt food for their survival, that being pigs or boars. Later in the book we find that Jack only wants to hunt for food and play a game, while Ralph wants to keep the fire going for their rescue.


If someone is stranded on a deserted island they make different decisions either based on their lives or by insticked. Making fire, shelters and hunting for food are all scientific decisions that make life what it is today.

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