War: Respond to the Story

Whose war does the author refer to in the title? Support your view with examples from the story.

-In the short story created by Timothy Findley it is set in World War II.


With a small group, discuss whether you think the way Neil reacts to his father leaving is typical of a ten-year-old boy. Why do you think he throws the stones?

-I think it is the typical way a ten year old boy should react. He is sad and mad that his own father will be leaving him to fight in World War 1, and he may not see him again. He throws the stones because he is in denial. He cannot believe that his father is leaving him to fight. So he is outraged and wants to throw stones in his fit of rage.


Like most stories, the action builds up to an event that’s the high point or climax. What is the climax of “War”?

-The climax of the story is when Neil’s father leaves him to go to war and he only then realizes that he is sorry for his actions against his father, like throwing stones at him.

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