Write a Short Story: The Michelle I Know

The Move

It was the last day of summer vacation. I chose to spend that last day with my friends. It’s easy growing up in a small town making friends with your neighbors and your parent’s friends kids, but what’s not easy is losing those friends that you have made connections with over the past 7 years. Derrick never truly understood why he and his parents were moving from their town to one of the biggest cities in the world. His father is a realtor and his mother a waitress at a bar. Sure they could be moving because there were barely any houses for families to buy, but Derrick liked his small town because of his friends, family, and all of the great times he had there.


“Hey, bud its time to get up!” my mother was standing over me where I lay on my bed sleeping. I woke up frantically. “Its finally the day to go, hurry up don’t be late or we may leave without you.” She said with a chuckle. Maybe that would be better than leaving everything we know here. I thought in my head. “I’ll be down in a minute.” She left my room as soon as I said that. “Well, its finally come. The day I have been dreading for months. Just deep breaths. In out, in out, in…….out.” I came down to the dining room to eat breakfast. I was feeling a little sick after I ate but the feeling went away as soon as we started driving out of the small town I called home.


We left town around 8 am and arrived at our new destination at 5:30 pm. We settled into our new house quite swimmingly. The night at our new house felt very warm and comforting, even though I didn’t sleep much throughout the night. Why did we have to move? I never wanted to leave my friends. How is school going to be? With all these thoughts going through my head I felt that sickness in my stomach come back again. I woke up the next morning bright and early for some odd reason, even though the thought of sleep didn’t cross my mind the night before. I ate breakfast and raced down to school with anxiety and happiness both in my head. “Alright first day at the new school just don’t embarrass my self and it will be ok”


As that first dreaded bell of the day went off in the huge building full of students, I felt the school move. Kids of all ages raced through the halls just to go to their first class of the day. I went to the head office to see where I was first and it was physical education. I headed over to the gymnasium and got changed for the exercises I was going to do. We first did some stretches then some laps around the gym. Some of the more athletic kids came to me and asked if I ever did some track stuff back at my old school and I said yes, I was quite the track star back then.


It was time to play dodgeball and I being the new kid wasn’t picked till last. While being on the “losing team” the opposing team had all the stronger players on them. Little did they know I wasn’t going to back down to them. The whistle was blown and not even a second later a ball came whizzing by my head about half an inch from my right ear. As more balls came flying by I dodge them all. One with lighting fast speed came at my face and I caught it perfectly just before it hit me in the face. They were all out of balls, so that meant it was my turn. I held two balls one in my right hand and one in the left and threw the one with my right hand first it bolted out of my fingertips and instantly hit one of the enemy players. It bounced off of him and came rolling back to me on the ground. There were only 5 more kids to pick off next and like the first guy I took out the rest the exact same way. As I hit one kid the ball came rolling back to me, and again, and again. Till there was no one else left to get out.


After the class was over the kids on the other team came up to talk to me. “Hey, you got one hell of a cannon for an arm kid,” I said thanks. “If you want to hang out with us we will be happy to let you in if you want.” As those words came out of the kid’s mouth I realized that I might have a better time here than I thought. “I’m glad you asked, and yes I will be happy to join you guys,” I said while grinning from ear to ear.

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