The Problem With Evil

The Problem of Evil


The Problem of Evil talks about all things that are considered evil, and the definition of what evil actually is. If evil things happen to good people, why do they happen? Evil can be considered to be everywhere. Evil was not created from the Creator, but the creators freely choosing sin and selfishness. Take away sin and selfishness and you will have heaven on Earth.


Evil was not created by God. If God created the Earth and everything in it, then why would he create evil? If he created evil then wouldn’t everyone be evil? That is not the case. God granted all human beings free will. By giving humans free will, humans have the choice in creating evil. If God has all this power in creating a world, then why grant the ability to sin, and do evil acts?


Evil is not a thing, but rather a wrong choice. Humans can choose between good and bad decisions, but if you ignore the right decision then that is sin which is evil. Is it evil if you chose to do the “right” thing but did not know about the even better option for the same solution? If you make a decision and you only considered one choice and did not know about the other choice it is not evil. However if you knew the two choices beforehand then chose the wrong one, then that is evil. Choosing not to do good when you can at all times is evil. 


Evil or bad decisions can only be made by one species, humans. When given the choice to choose between good or evil a dog won’t know what the difference is between the two. He will choose what it wants and that’s that. Human beings can hear both decisions, weigh both of them of what they are worth and list the positive and negative outcomes for each of them. Humans choose to do this all the time. When making decisions, humans are the only of its kind in choosing the right choice 99% of the time. The remaining 1% of choices that are hard to make are usually the ones only in life or death situations.


Evil makes humans what we are which are humans. Choosing right or wrong can only be made from humans and we are capable of doing this because we have free will. Free will which was given to us by God. He did not create a world with evil in human beings. He only granted us free will, it is our choice in making good or bad decisions. Evil is only a bad choice which is chosen by humans.

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