The problem of evil

The problem of evil is a big threat. There are many ways we can resolve it. The origin of evil isn’t the creator, but the creatures freely choosing sin and selfishness. God is the source of everything. If God’s world is so good how can there be evil? In the reading ‘The Problem of Evil” we discussed two types of evils, physical and spiritual.

Is hell crowded or empty? According to scripture, hell is not empty, there are at least three people in hell. The devil, and two prophets. Hell can best be described as a place of constant suffering, we can see this because when we think of hell, we think of flames. We hope that hell is empty because most of us want to live in communion with God, and not be in suffering because of the wrong decisions we have made in our lives. In hell, you can do anything without consequences, which relates to the saying “have your cake and eat it too.”

As humans, we have to tolerate pain and suffering. Does good come from suffering? Yes, good does come from suffering. Some examples would be firefighters, and mothers. Firefighters go through immense amounts of suffering to make good for others. They put their lives on the line, running through a burning building to save someone who couldn’t get out. Soldiers also put their lives on the line. Another great example of suffering to bring good would be our mothers, they go through a great amount of suffering to allow us to live our best lives. Love also requires sacrifice. Good things come through suffering.

The most serious problem in the world is the problem of evil. Although evil is a problem, it is not a thing, everyone has the chance to prove they aren’t evil. We all make decisions out of our free will that can symbolize evil. Not every bad decision will make you end up in hell. God will notice that you are suffering and will still love you. Your free will could end up in the option of rejecting God or accepting him. Evil is a test from the devil against your faith and the problem is that you need to see if you can control yourself to make the right decision.

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