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Ideal Marriage
Beginning as a child, my idea of an ideal marriage has increased steadily over throughout my life. Based on trust, humility, kindness and humour, I picture the perfect married life to have cooperation with the other person involved. In order (More)
The Central Logic of Christianity by Bishop Barron
The Central Logic Of Christianity The video, The Central Logic of Christianity, by Bishop Barron talks about how we can participate in the holiness and loving presence of God. Understanding the importance of what it is we value in the Christian fa (More)
Who Is Jesus by Peter Kreeft
Who Is Jesus by Peter Kreeft Who Is Jesus by Peter Kreeft is the reading focused on two men named Sal and Chris. Sal is a sceptic who seeks honestly for the truth of who Jesus is really while Chris is the teacher trying to explain to Sal the truth (More)
The Problem of Evil by Peter Kreeft
The Problem of Evil   The Problem of Evil by Peter Kreeft is how we can take the most difficult temptation around us and turn it around towards God. We have to put our trust in God because He is the reason the good is greater than bad, He (More)

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