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Name: Ashley Corbiere

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Your prezi about cocaine was really well done. You had a lot of information, pictures and did research to find out more. I would just suggest going over and making sure you have the right punctuation, capitalization and proper grammar. Well done though. (More)
Your prezi was informative and had the needed material present in it. On a few of the street names slid, I would recommend making the font a bit bigger to ensure that all of your readers/viewers can see it. Good job over all. (More)
Your prezi was extremely informative and you did a lot of research. My only suggestion would be to take out the little inside thoughts, such as it makes my eyes hurt or I couldn't find anymore. This would just help with the maturity of the presentation. Over all you put a lot of effort into it and it payed off. (More)
You had a lot of information about your drug and followed the steps on google classroom. However, I feel like there might be to much "scientific" information. By this I mean that it would be better to put your research into your own words in oder for it to make more sense for not only yourself, but also, your readers. Over all well done. (More)
Your prezi has the needed information for the assignment except, I would have rearranged the bubbles in order for it to make more sense. I feel like you just started in the middle, and I had to figure out where you were in your thought process in order for it to make sense. Over all good job. (More)