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On The Sidewalk Bleeding- Who am I?
Who am I? I am Amélie and I try to go by the ten commandments. I also usually go by the motto “would an idiot do that?”- Dwight Schrute (from the show the office), I also just say to myself to try my best and even if I do horrible I know that (More)
Multiple “Signs” of Intelligence
Task 1 *Set D-Amélie * ~How is Jesus described in this passage? Jesus is described as a light in the darkness, and that he helped create and shape man to be good-hearted, also how he overcame the darkness and how the darkness did not overco (More)
"Happy Camper"
My response for “Happy camper” I think the main concept of the happy camper was to be yourself, to follow your own path, to be your own person, and that we were just told to be more accepting towards others. He talked about how being a happy c (More)
50 goals (More)
Commandments of the Church
The History Regino, Abbot of prum wrote kind of a ruff copy of the 5 commandments of the church but more than 5, stating the main ideas and things that should be done. From century to century people would cut it down to the main and important five (More)

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