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Digital Storytelling | Rocket League Key
So in this blog, I'll walk through how I made my Rocket League Key 3d print   So I first downloaded the files online from Thingiverse, here's a link to the page. https://www.thingivers (More)
Stoics Reign on Caesar's Parade
What is the Feast of Lupercal? Why would it have any appeal to an Epicurean? A Stoic? The feast of Lupercal is this celebration for fertility. It starts with the slaughtering of a goat, then the young when running around the city slapping women (More)
Digital Storytelling | Rush B Tshirt
For the third time, I will be making a t-shirt design, but this one has a twist, I'm actually printing it. I will be covering how I made my design, and how I printed it. Assignment link (More)
Responding to the Story | War
Whose war does the author refer to in the title? Support your view with examples from the story.: I think it represents the war fought in Neils mind. Let me explain. When Neil was fighting with his dad, one part of his brain wanted to be mad at his (More)
Digital Storytelling | Riptire Tshirt
For this assignment, I decided to do an Overwatch themed Tshirt Assignment link ( For this project, I us (More)

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