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Who am I
                                                                                                               by Arturious Shomachuk W (More)
Happy Camper
What are the typical problems facing teens today? Teens are facing the problem to express themselves because they don't always accept each other and they are on their phones most of the time this makes it harder for some teens to fit in with groups (More)
Commandments of the Church
I did not know that in addition to the 10 commandments that there are an additional 5. I understand that the current commandments are good at keeping us on track and will help us do events for the Catholic church. We also do it for god, but it does (More)
VIBE Menu Visual
What Motivates Me What motivates me, is when I see others doing the job that I like which then makes me want to do what they are doing. I get motivated when people support me in doing the stuff I like to do which then makes it easier to do. I also (More)

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