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Signs of Intelligence in the Bible
Task 1 Section A  Summary: It is just like what path you want to take when you are older the good one or the bad one Luke 10:38-42        Who sat at the Lord’s feet and listene (More)
Commandments of the Church
The commandments of the Church sometimes referred to as precepts of the Church, are a set of laws that are followed throughout the Catholic Church.  These laws include the following: You shall attend Mass on Sundays and on holy days of obligation an (More)
Father Joy's First Visit
Upon first meeting Father Joy and he seems like a very kind person and after listening to him further these ideas were confirmed.  Father Joy had told us that previous to working here at the More)
Now that I have completed all of the surveys within my blueprint I think that I have a pretty clear idea of what career paths may suit me in the future. On the last survey it gathered information on what your motivations are. Within that test my over (More)
Through yet another blueprint survey I have been able to see through a series of questions what different career paths may suit me the most. As I had predicted science was my top result. I think overall I'm just really curious about a lot of things s (More)

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