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Who am I
A characteristic is something that defines you.  Everyone has characteristics and traits which make them who they are.  Strengths are important in showing someone who you are and they can get to really know you through your strengths.  Sports can (More)
Happy Camper
Today I believe teens face many challenges.  Some teens are expected to do a lot and that can put an extreme amount of stress on them.  Some of the expectations may be to get above a certain percent on every test and assignment or even to just “b (More)
Multiple Signs of Intelligence
Set E:  What is Moses’ problem?  Who helps him solve it in a logical step by step way?  Moses’ problem was that he had to act as a judge for the people and with so many people it was hard.  His father-in-law helps him by telling him that w (More)
Commandments of the Church
I think the purpose of the Commandments of the Church are to create guidelines for Catholicism.  People will follow them and become better Catholics as they grow in faith and trust of the Catholic Church.  They make sure people know how often to at (More)

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