My learning style: Visual Learner


From what is seen a visual learner is someone who would sit at his desk and as the teacher is going on about the subject they would start to picture it inside their head. They would also rather look at something in color than having it in black and white. I can agree that it can be hard when you have to look at a black and white picture on a piece of paper and then guess what it is until the teacher shows it on the board and it makes a whole lot more sense and not to mention that the teacher copy would be in color. But you gotta give the teacher some slack because it is a lot cheaper to print 20 so copies of the paper in black and white than 20 copies in color. 

So I am as well as have other products that do other things and there is a graph for that. The green area represents kinesthetic. The grey area is representing the auditory. Let’s start with kinesthetics. These people will like to learn via touching and doing things. These people will be taking a lot of breaks and will be highly active in things that they do. Now some of the study tips they use flashcards ok example there is a test coming up and you are freaking out about it but thanks to kinesthetics learning you are able to use flashcards and you will know what the answers are on the test. Let’s do another one and participate in more hands-on tasks while learning it is. Ok, example let’s say that you’re classes are doing a little experiment and your other class aren’t really that thrilled about it so they are letting you do it and you really don’t care because a kinesthetic learner is into working hands on the with it and learning from it.            



Ok with kinesthetic out of the way now let’s start with auditory. Now it may be obvious but an auditory learner learns by listening and hearing these people will listen to podcasts, audiobooks, hum, or just talk to themselves. Now for some study tips. One will be talking to someone to help study now for the example. Let’s say that there is a test you already copied it all down but it’s hard to study by yourself so you ask a friend that is also an auditory learner you are more comfortable studying with your friend and you both do great on the test. Ok, let’s do another recording yourself say the question, and then listen to them back. Ok example you are having another test  and you have recorded yourself saying the answer and you are listening to them and it is helping you learn and helps you get a great test score.   


So that is that a visual learner and the subclass that builds up the bases of visual learning. Like the auditory learner and the kinesthetic learner. That is my learning style, visual learner.   

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