my personally type: the crafter

A is a person that would rather work alone or in a small group. They also are ones that will have a great social life but would be the ones who would not want to be the one to do all the talking or the other words be in the spotlight. These people would also talk over a written conversion than just talking. These people would also be good at controlling the emotions better than others and would also do the smart thing in the conversion of thinking before speaking. 

The crafter also has some subclasses one of them is in their decision making of what it’s called thinking. Some of the attributes are that they would think fairly of everyone, make decisions based on the objective criteria, and focus on the final project. So let’s make some examples for them. Let’s start with the final project one so let’s say that this was a big project that would give them 40 points to their graduation but as well as that going on the person’s family is having a big party that day. So as this is going on this person would choose to do his work than having the party with his family. Ok now lets now do the thinking fairly so let’s say there were four or five people their and that they all had their own opinions about something so what the person would do is not to side to one side but listen to both sides of the people opinions and then the person would say that both sides are not bad just it wouldn’t feel like you’re all right either. Alright now, the decisions based on the objective criteria. So let’s say this person was some sort of decision-maker in the army and that he has to find on the map he has on the table the safest route through the area depending on the current objective. 

That was just one of the many other subclasses there is one more that I will talk about. This one is called the introvert or other words the introversion. Now for the sake of people trying to read what that word is I will just use the term introvert. Ok now let’s make some examples of two or three this about being an introvert. The first is these people like to work alone so let’s say that there is a project that you can work in a group or by yourself so they would choose to work alone and would do anything by themself if they can. Ok the second one is reserved and not likely to blurt things out you make an example the teacher has a question on the board that you know but instead of just saying it out loud they will raise their hand and will answer in a reserved manner. Now the last one is. Enjoys thinking deeply about things so let’s say there’s a certain question in class that everyone has to have their own opinions and this kid would really overthink this and would probably start to think that so other beings are involved or something. 


So that would be it, that is my own personal type, the crafter. Here are my examples of two subclasses. There are more subclasses but I just picked the ones that I think are interesting. There are many other different types but the crafter I would say is the middle ground of all the types. So that is the crafter in my own understanding.          

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