My interest type is The Artisan.

An artisan is a person that will pay an incredible amount of attention to detail. As well also valuing accuracy and tradition. These people have a lot of creativity to tired and true methods, processing, and products. These people will use their own approach to do work and will refine their approach in an effort to achieve perfection. These people will work independently for others and will have a habit to have everything organized and the same for analysis. 


The artisan has many subclasses: Conventional, Artistic, and Realistic. Let’s start with Conventional. These are people that they focus on information and their tools that are required to analyze, organize, and understand the information. They will create plans, processing, and routines. These people will be defined quickly because of their very organized manner and place. 


Now the Artistic other subclasses the Artistic. The artistic people need to have a lot of self-expression, creativity, and usually feature work that they can do without having to use any clear set of rules. These people will do well in an environment where flexibility, variety, and change are going to be expected.  


Now we do the third one Realistic. This subclass is were these types of people are in doing more hands-on projects. Like making some type of experiments. They will focus on animals, machines, tools, and materials,  and plants or anything that they can get their hands on. These people will like to work outdoors indoors. They are also the ones to not involved themselves in paperwork or require working closely with others.            


My that is my interest type the Artisan and its subclasses the Conventional, the Artistic, and the Realistic. There are more subclasses three to be exact. They are the Investigative, the Social, and the Enterprising but it would be too long so I picked just three. There are also many other classes that you can be that even you may not know. None to less that is all about the Artisan. 

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