my top motivation factor is Achievement


So what is an Achievement for my motivation factor? It is something that has been accomplished, achieved, or completed through effort or the result of the work being done. In latency terms, it can also mean that it was completed, or in other words, it was an accomplishment. So when you are driven by an achievement you are going to be looking for ways to feel like they have something. If it is simple things like checking off things in your do-to list or something bigger like stopping a criminal or impaired driver they will do it to feel accomplished. These achievers are also motivated to find any opportunity to fully engage the use of their unique skills, and knowledge,and abilities. They are also looking for opportunities where they can show their talents into play and that allows them to feel like they have accomplished something.  


Now that was the primary motivation factor dealt with now on to the second motivation and that is Support. So what support you may ask for is where they will agree with or approve of someone and something they will approve or they will support through action. They will help or assist someone they will also promote to interests or a cause. They will use something called a keystone that adds support to the arch that needs to do its job. Also, like the arch, they are given support. They gain additional tools and can help them perform our tasks at an even higher level than before. These people will look for opportunities where they are treated fairly by employers having the support of a manager and they receive excellent training. 


So that is the primary motivating factor for the Achievement. There are about four other motivational factors. They are Relationships, Independence, Recognition, and finally Working Conditions. These all have their own definition not to make this too long. Just know that they in some way help build the bases of the achievement.

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