The old country barn concert with Johnny Cash.

My concert would be set in an old country barn in the countryside where I would have Johnny cash singing his best country songs and have a crowd that would be around let’s say 150 people at the least.

Why I would want to have this concert in an old barn is that most country songs have a relationship with the countryside and that is something that doesn’t happen often. the reason that Johnny Cash their as my main singer he is one of the most iconic country singers out there. now why only about 150 people when some concerts would have hundreds on hundreds of people is because the one that this is in an old barn and two that their must some room for other amenities such as food and drinks and to have some places to sit or a place where if someone was hurt there is medical on stand by.

now that my style to make a concert just now I would just have calculated the cost and then hire a team to fix the old barn and then hire a sound crew and a medical team, cleaning crew and so on. so that’s would be how I would make a concert.

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