GlowForge Project 1 Failed

Step 1: Unbox your GlowForge. First, open the box, take your forge out and place it by an outlet.
Step 2: (optional) Step up your air filter. The air filter can be purchased at to set up the hose and connected to the back of the GlowForge the plug the cord to the outlet and there you have it.
Step 3: Set up your GlowForge. Turn on your Forge at the back and wait for a teal light to sign into the GlowForge app to connect to the Forge. After that go to your wifi and connect to its wifi and it will do the rest and you are good to go.
Step 4: Pre the Cut. So now that you have your GlowForge connect and on then place a board in I recommend your use one of your small planks as a test. And if that is done correctly it should look like this.

after that go to the side where it would say make your first print on your computer and pick a design and click.
Step 5: Printing. When you click the design it would take you to a screen where the small camera in the GlowForge takes a picture of the plank and then you can place the design onto the plank and the blue and red lines are the laser cut and spore lines. The red cut lines will go through the plank and the blue lines that are the spore will not go through but will burn small lines that would add detail. They will look like this on your screen

Now when you get to here you will see a button in the corner that says print and if the GlowForge is ready two screens with appear one that looks like this

And the other one that tells the time and what to next look like this

Step 6: Cutting. First, go to your GlowForge when the picture above is on your computer. There will be a button on the GlowForge that has started to glow press the button and the GlowForge will do the rest. Preview attachment 20210907_130701_001.mp4. Then when it’s done it would look like this.

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