How to Adobe Illustrator and to change colour on expo design. Also how to make the apron

Step 1: Sign in. First thing first you will enter the Adobe app on your computer or phone or tablet whatever and the Adobe Creative Cloud will appear and what you will do is put it in your Gmail like First Name. Last Then put in your own custom password like Adobe#123. Then you will be in.

Step 2: Make your first image and you will be treated with this.

This is your home page this is where you can make anything you want but first, we are going to want to use the Letter and if you can’t tell what is the letter is the Icon looks like This is your letter this is where you can make pretty much anything and now open it and you will go to the white page and then you must have an image on your desktop first then add it to the letter.

Step 3: Fixing errors. If you have any errors in your image do not worry because there are ways of fixing these problems for the starter can you see the problem in this image?

if you were saying that their lines in the O you are correct. how we fix this is by first just select the O by going into the layers and finding the section that has the O select it and then opens the window tab at the top of the screen and finds the pathfinder tool. Then press the unite button on the pathfinder tool and let it do its job and when it finishes the loop in the O will be gone make sure you save after that by going to your file and saving on the cloud.

Step 4: making the sticker for the apron. After you send the picture to your teacher he will print them into stickers then you will need a weeder that looks like the dentist pick and peel all of the white to show the image and the cream paper underneath. then grab some masking tape and put the image down on the tape used something to get rid of the air bubble. Then there you have your sticker.

Step 5: Time to make the apron. Frist get your heat press to 304F when its done it should work and it should look like this

now when it is ready put the apron in where the top is just over back the press until you hear a bing and wait 8 seconds then open then put on the sticker where the expo is at the top after that put of wax sheets on at it will look like this

now press again for the 14-15 seconds the sticker will be press onto the apron now take off the masking tape put the sheets on again and press again for 5-6 seconds then take it off let it cool and fold the apron how you like and you’re may look like this

that will be all you have to do your apron is ready and able to use whenever you like just make sure you are turning off the press after you are done making more shirts.

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