4×4 square engraving tutorial

Step 1: Getting your design so first Go on to google and find something that picks your fancy you can choose really anything but if you want an image that won’t mess up find a black and white so it gives less stress to the GlowForge like this one here.

Step 2: Getting it ready to print. So first make sure that you have the image on your desktop by just dragging it to the desktop then boot up adobe illustrator and then make a new letter and go to file and go-to place when they go the desktop folder and grab the image and then it now on the letter you man have to resize it but there you have it.

Step 3: Rulers. So first make sure that you have the image ready so things go to the View and then go down a where you see rulers hover above it and the hit the show rules button now you will see that there are now rulers on the outside then go on to the ruler their nd left-click it to open up a setting ad chose a length that fits you fancy.

Step 3.5: Before you go on to your next step make sure you make a second layer because step 4 will be going into and to make sure you name the layer to cut or cutline to tell the GlowForge to cut.

Step 4: Setting up the rulers and the rectangle. So first to the corner of both rulers and grab the corner this will set the zero point on the rulers and do this for all sides. Next, go to the top or side ruler and grab it and go to the corner of your image and do the same for the other side. Now go to the other ruler that you didn’t use and grab it g the corner of the image and do the same of the other and now they shall look like this.

Now go to the sidebar on your left and there will a rectangle their click it and then go to the center of where the rulers meet and they move it to the other center of the rulers. So now you have a rectangle that is on the ruler now go to the view menu and turn on the show corner widget and then you should see four-point on the inside of the rectangle now grab one of the pointers and you will see that the corner will start to curve in and you will want to get to 10cm the measure will tell if you’re at 10cm or not. Now select the rectangle then go to the properties tab and you will see in the appearance Stroke and decide it a bar and in that bar put in 1 pt and then colour by clicking the stroke and colour it red. Then deselect and then it will look like this.

Step 5: Saving to SVG. So first you are going to go to File And to the Save As and click on your computer and you will first see this

than on where you see the Format: click that and go to SVG (svg) click it and then where it says Where: click it and go to the desktop do this will put the SVG file on your desktop. then when you have that in just click save and it will be on the desktop.

Step 6: Printing. First thing you are going send this to your teacher through Gmail and then he will set up the GlowForge by taking the image into the GlowForge screen that shows the inside of the Forge where you will have a 4×4 wood piece then he will place the image on the wood and set up the engraving and will press the print and then you will go over to the Glow Forge and press the Glowing button and let it do the work and 12-15 minutes later it will be done and it will look like this. That is how you make your own 4×4 square in the GlowForge.

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