The Beatitudes My Visual

My Visual creation is from a line in the beatitudes that is, “Blessed are the pure in heart, for they will see God” (Matthew 5: 8). So then why did I put these pictures on this visual well? Why I put the dogs first is that it’s known that almost all dogs are the purest-hearted animals out there. Then the picture of the cross and this is resembling God as the cross in heaven. The family was put in because if you have a good relationship with your family you can tell that if they’re going to be a person to care for you it’s going to be your family. Finally, the little bear with the heart is here because the pure heart is from one that cares for you and others. So this is why I put these pictures onto my visuals. 


The old country barn concert with Johnny Cash.

My concert would be set in an old country barn in the countryside where I would have Johnny cash singing his best country songs and have a crowd that would be around let’s say 150 people at the least.

Why I would want to have this concert in an old barn is that most country songs have a relationship with the countryside and that is something that doesn’t happen often. the reason that Johnny Cash their as my main singer he is one of the most iconic country singers out there. now why only about 150 people when some concerts would have hundreds on hundreds of people is because the one that this is in an old barn and two that their must some room for other amenities such as food and drinks and to have some places to sit or a place where if someone was hurt there is medical on stand by.

now that my style to make a concert just now I would just have calculated the cost and then hire a team to fix the old barn and then hire a sound crew and a medical team, cleaning crew and so on. so that’s would be how I would make a concert.

my top motivation factor is Achievement


So what is an Achievement for my motivation factor? It is something that has been accomplished, achieved, or completed through effort or the result of the work being done. In latency terms, it can also mean that it was completed, or in other words, it was an accomplishment. So when you are driven by an achievement you are going to be looking for ways to feel like they have something. If it is simple things like checking off things in your do-to list or something bigger like stopping a criminal or impaired driver they will do it to feel accomplished. These achievers are also motivated to find any opportunity to fully engage the use of their unique skills, and knowledge,and abilities. They are also looking for opportunities where they can show their talents into play and that allows them to feel like they have accomplished something.  


Now that was the primary motivation factor dealt with now on to the second motivation and that is Support. So what support you may ask for is where they will agree with or approve of someone and something they will approve or they will support through action. They will help or assist someone they will also promote to interests or a cause. They will use something called a keystone that adds support to the arch that needs to do its job. Also, like the arch, they are given support. They gain additional tools and can help them perform our tasks at an even higher level than before. These people will look for opportunities where they are treated fairly by employers having the support of a manager and they receive excellent training. 


So that is the primary motivating factor for the Achievement. There are about four other motivational factors. They are Relationships, Independence, Recognition, and finally Working Conditions. These all have their own definition not to make this too long. Just know that they in some way help build the bases of the achievement.

My Top Subject Area Is Mathematics


Mathematics is a certain course that helps with certain subject areas in math. These topics will include calculus, geometry, algebra, and something called finite math. I am going to explain these types of math first is calculus. Calculus is a branch of mathematics that helps us change between values that are related by a fraction. Now geometry is a branch of mathematics concerned with the properties and relations of points, lines, surfaces, solids, and higher dimensional analogs. The next one is algebra is the part of mathematics in which letters and other general symbols are used to represent numbers and quantities in formulae and equations. Now the finite math and well I know nothing about so google says that the purpose of the course is to give a survey of mathematical analysis techniques used in the working world, but you might also say that this course gives valuable experience at organizing information and then analyzing it. So that is finite math. 


Now there are no subclasses to this but there are the second and third subject areas. These other subject areas are Creative Arts and Computers. So let’s start with the subject area of Creative Arts. Creative Arts is an art course where people develop artistic abilities, techniques, and practices and these topics may include visual Arts, Music, and Dramatic Arts. Visual arts are art forms that create primarily visual works, such as ceramics, drawing, painting, sculpture, printmaking, design, crafts, photography, video, film making, and architecture. Music is vocal or instruments or both of them to combine and in such a way that it makes a group of sounds that are like a harmony. Now Dramatic arts are a form of narrative reform on a stage in front of an audience. 


With the Creative Arts out of the way, let’s talk about the last of the top 3 subject area Computers. The Computers course will help people develop a deeper understanding of the world of computers and these topics may include computer science and Computer Programming. First lets us start with Computer Science. It means it is the study of computers and who the work or their computation system and unlike the engineer, they mostly work on software and software systems. Now Computer Programming is the process to write code and that instructs how a computer application or software works. 


So that is my top subject area in Mathematics. Three other subject areas are here but I choose the two that were in my top three. Also, these top three are having the same amount of score of 94%. The other three are their percentage is Business with 83%. Then Technical Trade with 78%. The last one is Language Arts with 72%. So that is my top three subject areas Mathematics.           

My interest type is The Artisan.

An artisan is a person that will pay an incredible amount of attention to detail. As well also valuing accuracy and tradition. These people have a lot of creativity to tired and true methods, processing, and products. These people will use their own approach to do work and will refine their approach in an effort to achieve perfection. These people will work independently for others and will have a habit to have everything organized and the same for analysis. 


The artisan has many subclasses: Conventional, Artistic, and Realistic. Let’s start with Conventional. These are people that they focus on information and their tools that are required to analyze, organize, and understand the information. They will create plans, processing, and routines. These people will be defined quickly because of their very organized manner and place. 


Now the Artistic other subclasses the Artistic. The artistic people need to have a lot of self-expression, creativity, and usually feature work that they can do without having to use any clear set of rules. These people will do well in an environment where flexibility, variety, and change are going to be expected.  


Now we do the third one Realistic. This subclass is were these types of people are in doing more hands-on projects. Like making some type of experiments. They will focus on animals, machines, tools, and materials,  and plants or anything that they can get their hands on. These people will like to work outdoors indoors. They are also the ones to not involved themselves in paperwork or require working closely with others.            


My that is my interest type the Artisan and its subclasses the Conventional, the Artistic, and the Realistic. There are more subclasses three to be exact. They are the Investigative, the Social, and the Enterprising but it would be too long so I picked just three. There are also many other classes that you can be that even you may not know. None to less that is all about the Artisan. 

my personally type: the crafter

A is a person that would rather work alone or in a small group. They also are ones that will have a great social life but would be the ones who would not want to be the one to do all the talking or the other words be in the spotlight. These people would also talk over a written conversion than just talking. These people would also be good at controlling the emotions better than others and would also do the smart thing in the conversion of thinking before speaking. 

The crafter also has some subclasses one of them is in their decision making of what it’s called thinking. Some of the attributes are that they would think fairly of everyone, make decisions based on the objective criteria, and focus on the final project. So let’s make some examples for them. Let’s start with the final project one so let’s say that this was a big project that would give them 40 points to their graduation but as well as that going on the person’s family is having a big party that day. So as this is going on this person would choose to do his work than having the party with his family. Ok now lets now do the thinking fairly so let’s say there were four or five people their and that they all had their own opinions about something so what the person would do is not to side to one side but listen to both sides of the people opinions and then the person would say that both sides are not bad just it wouldn’t feel like you’re all right either. Alright now, the decisions based on the objective criteria. So let’s say this person was some sort of decision-maker in the army and that he has to find on the map he has on the table the safest route through the area depending on the current objective. 

That was just one of the many other subclasses there is one more that I will talk about. This one is called the introvert or other words the introversion. Now for the sake of people trying to read what that word is I will just use the term introvert. Ok now let’s make some examples of two or three this about being an introvert. The first is these people like to work alone so let’s say that there is a project that you can work in a group or by yourself so they would choose to work alone and would do anything by themself if they can. Ok the second one is reserved and not likely to blurt things out you make an example the teacher has a question on the board that you know but instead of just saying it out loud they will raise their hand and will answer in a reserved manner. Now the last one is. Enjoys thinking deeply about things so let’s say there’s a certain question in class that everyone has to have their own opinions and this kid would really overthink this and would probably start to think that so other beings are involved or something. 


So that would be it, that is my own personal type, the crafter. Here are my examples of two subclasses. There are more subclasses but I just picked the ones that I think are interesting. There are many other different types but the crafter I would say is the middle ground of all the types. So that is the crafter in my own understanding.          

My learning style: Visual Learner


From what is seen a visual learner is someone who would sit at his desk and as the teacher is going on about the subject they would start to picture it inside their head. They would also rather look at something in color than having it in black and white. I can agree that it can be hard when you have to look at a black and white picture on a piece of paper and then guess what it is until the teacher shows it on the board and it makes a whole lot more sense and not to mention that the teacher copy would be in color. But you gotta give the teacher some slack because it is a lot cheaper to print 20 so copies of the paper in black and white than 20 copies in color. 

So I am as well as have other products that do other things and there is a graph for that. The green area represents kinesthetic. The grey area is representing the auditory. Let’s start with kinesthetics. These people will like to learn via touching and doing things. These people will be taking a lot of breaks and will be highly active in things that they do. Now some of the study tips they use flashcards ok example there is a test coming up and you are freaking out about it but thanks to kinesthetics learning you are able to use flashcards and you will know what the answers are on the test. Let’s do another one and participate in more hands-on tasks while learning it is. Ok, example let’s say that you’re classes are doing a little experiment and your other class aren’t really that thrilled about it so they are letting you do it and you really don’t care because a kinesthetic learner is into working hands on the with it and learning from it.            



Ok with kinesthetic out of the way now let’s start with auditory. Now it may be obvious but an auditory learner learns by listening and hearing these people will listen to podcasts, audiobooks, hum, or just talk to themselves. Now for some study tips. One will be talking to someone to help study now for the example. Let’s say that there is a test you already copied it all down but it’s hard to study by yourself so you ask a friend that is also an auditory learner you are more comfortable studying with your friend and you both do great on the test. Ok, let’s do another recording yourself say the question, and then listen to them back. Ok example you are having another test  and you have recorded yourself saying the answer and you are listening to them and it is helping you learn and helps you get a great test score.   


So that is that a visual learner and the subclass that builds up the bases of visual learning. Like the auditory learner and the kinesthetic learner. That is my learning style, visual learner.