The Hero’s Journey in Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief

One of my favorite book series is Percy Jackson and the OlympiansThe first book in that series is Percy Jackson and the Lightning ThiefI recently realized that it follows “The Hero’s Journey” writing formula. This formula is used across many types of stories and may be used without the storyteller even realizing it. The formula follows the pattern of the Ordinary World, the Call to Adventure, the Refusal of the Call, Crossing the Threshold, Facing Tests, Allies, and Enemies,  the Ordeal, The Supreme Ordeal, and the Reward and Journey Home.

The ‘Ordinary World’ for Percy Jackson is going to the Boarding school called Yancy Academy. Percy has Dyslexia and ADHD, and he has only been able to stay in the same school for about a year for the last few years. Percy’s only friend is Grover Underwood, who was a satyr but Percy didn’t know that yet. He doesn’t know he is a demigod yet (a half-human half-god). The ‘Call to Adventure’ happens on a field trip to a museum. He accidentally uses his powers when a classmate makes fun of him. His math teacher, Mrs. Dodds, called him inside to talk to him. Then she turned into a fury (a creature of the underworld) and tried to kill Percy. Percy’s other teacher, Mr. Brunner (who was actually Chiron but Percy didn’t know that yet) came in and threw him a pen that turned into a sword. Percy used the sword to kill Mrs. Dodds.

The ‘Refusal of the Call’ was right before he went to Camp Half-Blood. After he made Mrs. Dodds go back to Tartarus, he didn’t really believe what had happened. He didn’t think it was real. Mr. Brunner didn’t say anything about it and no one remembered a teacher named Mrs. Dodds. A few days later, Grover, Percy’s mother, and Percy were in the car driving to the camp while being chased by a minotaur. The car flipped and Grover got knocked out. Percy tried to help him get past the camp boundaries, but the minotaur had found his mom. Percy fought, and (since monsters don’t die) he managed to make it go back to Tartarus. When Percy killed the minotaur, it took his mom with it. This made Percy realize he had to accept what had happened. 

‘Crossing the Threshold’ could be when Percy crossed into Camp Half-Blood. He quite literally crossed the threshold. As he was crossing into the camp, he was also crossing into a new life. He would never be able to go back to the way things were. He found out he was a demigod, his father was Poseiden, the god of the sea, and there were many other kids like him. Having ADHD was normal, because he was hardwired for battle, and because of having dyslexia, he could read ancient Greek. Percy’s mentor was actually someone he knew before. His teacher Mr. Brunner was really a centaur named Chiron. He was an immortal centaur who had trained Heracles and many other Greek heroes.

The ‘Ordeal’ was when Percy, Annabeth, and Grover went to the underworld to try to get Zeus’s Master Bolt back (it had been stolen and Percy was blamed). It was a very dangerous thing, for three living people to be in the underworld. The ‘Supreme Ordeal’ happened after the trio got out of the underworld. The god Ares was there, and they had just realized that he had given Zeus’s lightning bolt to them earlier in the book. Percy actually fought the god sword to sword. This was even more dangerous than going into the underworld.

These are only a few of the examples of how Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief follows ‘The Hero’s Journey’. I love this book, but the movie wasn’t very good at all. Though they both would correspond with ‘The Hero’s Journey’, the stories aren’t very similar.

My Dream House

My dream house would be amazing. Is wouldn’t be too big, but it would be the perfect place to be. I wouldn’t want to live alone, and my family would obviously live with me. My dream house would be wonderful for me to live in, but I hope it would also be good for the other people in my family. My house would definitely have a library and a good kitchen, among other things.

The first thing I think of when I picture my dream house is a wonderful library. This library wouldn’t be an ordinary library, it would be the best library ever. If magic was real, I’d say that my library would change the genre and type of books based on what I’m interested in at the time, but that’s impossible. In reality, my library would have a variety of books, and it would keep growing as I buy more books. It would have a high ceiling and a sliding ladder to get to the highest books. One wall would be almost all windows, so I’d have plenty of natural light for reading. The walls would be a dark red color, either maroon or burgundy. There would be comfortable chairs and couches, with warm blankets all around the room. I would have an open space by the door, with a table and some chairs, but there would also be chairs in between the bookshelves and scattered about the room. As you can probably tell, I have thought about this quite a bit, and my dream house would have to include this.

The perfect house would also have a fully functioning kitchen with all the tools and supplies I might need. I love baking and decorating cakes, but we don’t have many fancy tools. I have made a gravity-defying cake and a drip cake, both of which I had to improvise in some parts. If I had a kitchen like this, I would make so many cool cakes and have so much fun. I want to make a tiered cake, but I don’t have the right size of cake pans. I also like making other kinds of food. I like to experiment with different flavors. Once I was making chicken, and I decided to put dried mint leaves on it, just to see what it would taste like. I couldn’t really taste it though, so I don’t know if it would have been good. Sometimes when I start making something, I realize we don’t have all the ingredients we need. I have gotten pretty good at substituting ingredients if we don’t have any on hand. Having a good kitchen would fuel my creative side and I would make beautiful cakes and experiment with new flavours.

The location of my dream house would be hard to decide. I don’t think I’d want it right in a city, but it would be nice to love not far away from one. I like forests and nature but I wouldn’t want to live in a secluded corner of the world by myself. There would probably be quite a few windows because I’d rather have natural light than artificial light. I wouldn’t want to live by myself in a big house. I’d either want to have a smaller house (but that might not be possible because of the library) or I’d invite my friends to live with me.

Unlike the perfect car, I have thought about what the perfect house would have in it. Among other features, it would have a great library with all different genres of books. It would have comfortable chairs and maybe a fireplace. The perfect house would also have a fully equipped kitchen where I can experiment with mixing different food and make wonderful and delicious cakes.  I wouldn’t live right in the city, but close enough to get there easily.

The Car of My Dreams

I haven’t really considered what kind of car I would want. I don’t know much about cars and I don’t have a particular type in mind. I don’t think I would want a super fancy car. The impact on the environment would be a big thing for me, and if it serves the purpose I need it to.

When I get my own car, I think I’d want to get one on the smaller side for a few reasons. Firstly, it would be more fuel-efficient than bigger vehicles. This would make the price I pay to fuel my car cheaper than the cost to fuel a larger car or vehicle.  Smaller cars are generally better for the environment too. They emit less carbon dioxide into the air. A smaller car would be better for me because I don’t think I would need anything bigger. If I end up having a family when I’m older, a larger car or vehicle might be better, but before then, I think a small car would be the right choice.

The environment is really important to me, so I wouldn’t want a car that has a huge impact on it. I would consider getting a hybrid car, but that still wouldn’t be a great solution. With I hybrid car, I would sometimes have to plug it in instead of filling it up with fuel. The problem with this is that the energy still has to come from somewhere, so if the building or place to plug in the car used energy from fossil fuels or something like that, having a hybrid car really wouldn’t help at all. If there was an energy source that was available and practical, I would also be more willing to get a hybrid car. If not a hybrid, I would still try to get a car that was fuel-efficient and had less of an impact on the environment.

Of course, I can’t forget about the design of the car I choose. One thing I noticed when driving, or in a place with many cars, was that most people either get darker colored vehicles or white. The top three car colors are silver, black, and white. These three colors make up about half of the cars people drive. I’m guessing there are a few reasons for this, one being that no one really wants to get something out of the ordinary. I don’t know for sure if this is right, but I wouldn’t be surprised if it was. My family has a Toyota Corolla that is a really cool shade of blue. It is called ‘Galactic Aqua Mica’ and it sometimes looks blue and sometimes looks black. I would like to have a car with a color like that.

Cars aren’t one of my interests, but there would be a few things I would like my dream car to have. I would want a smaller car, for a few reasons. They are easier to maneuver, more fuel-efficient, and I wouldn’t have the need for a bigger vehicle. I might get a hybrid, but they wouldn’t be much better than a normal car right now. Most people have silver, black, or white cars, and I’m not sure I would want to get one of those colors. The specific type of car isn’t very important to me, as long as it is useful and serves it’s purpose.

Rosiness or Gloomy Gray:On Viewing the World #5

A famous quote by Helen Keller is “Keep your face to the sunshine and you cannot see the shadow. ” Helen Keller was a blind and deaf person who advocated for more assistance to the blind in the US. She could have given up hope and lived in darkness and silence, but she decided she couldn’t live like that. She stood up for what she thought should happen, and she was successful. Helen Keller advocated for deaf and blind people and helped make braille the standard system for the blind.

When she was 19 months old, Helen Keller contracted Scarlet Fever, which left her deaf and blind. In 1886, Helen’s mother read about a woman who was also deaf and blind but still had a successful education. They contacted Perkin’s Institute for the Blind, where the school’s director asked Anne Sullivan (an alumnus of the school) to be Helen’s instructor. She agreed and thus started a nearly 50 year-long relationship. Sullivan began teaching Helen how to sign words for specific things. When she started, Helen didn’t know that she was spelling out words, or that words even existed. Helen Keller even managed to write both manually and with raised print. She couldn’t see, but she still learned to write legibly. When Helen was 10, she decided she wanted to learn how to speak. She took a few lessons from someone at a school for the deaf and hard of hearing. She partially learned but was never happy with how her spoken voice was because it was hard to understand. Hellen Keller and Anne Sullivan caught the attention of Alexander Graham Bell and Mark Twain, who were very popular in America. Twain said, “The two most interesting characters of the 19th century are Napolean and Helen Keller.”

Helen Keller knew she wanted to go to university. Helen first went to Cambridge School for Young Ladies to prepare to go to the Radcliffe Institute, which is a part of Harvard University. Helen graduated in 1904, with a Bachelor of Arts. This was as much of an accomplishment for Anne as it was for Helen. Anne had to read everything and then sign it into Helen’s hand. Anne was partially blind and only had a bit of her sight left. Even though it was hard, she kept helping Helen until her death in 1936. After she died, Polly Thomson took over helping Helen. Helen wrote a biography about herself called The Story of My Life.  There are over 475 speeches and essays Helen Keller wrote about various topics, such as faith, blindness prevention, and atomic energy. to write all these, Helen used a braille typewriter first, then copied it with a regular typewriter.

Helen Keller saw herself as a writer and communicated with the world through her written works. She was a pacifist and protested the U.S. involvement in World War I. She advocated for women’s rights and for services for the blind. Helen joined the American Foundation for the Blind in 1924 and worked for them for 40 years. This gave her a way to advocate to the world about the needs of people with vision loss. Because of her, rehabilitation centers were built and education was made more accessible to people with vision loss.

Helen Keller was an optimistic person. In the face of shadow, she rose above and advocated for the rights of the blind. She could have just given up and lives in darkness and silence, but she learned how to communicate with others. She helped make education for the blind more available and told the world what she thought. She spoke the truth and she was successful in gaining rights and services for the blind and visually impaired.