The Beatitudes

Matthew 5:8: “Blessed are the pure in heart, for they will see God.”

Throughout the bible, the image portrayed is differing good and evil and letting the good of God in our hearts will let us into heaven. In our time on Earth, I’d like to believe we get eternal life if we are pure in heart with the time we have. In my visual creation, I made a collage of pictures that I believe to represent the term, “pure in heart.” I added a picture of a dove for they represent peace and purity. I added a photo of people from different ethnicities because to be pure in heart is to see past one’s skin colour. I added a photo of a cross to represent the trinity of God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit. I also added a photo of a man teaching less fortunate children in Africa. For one to be pure in heart, they must take their privilege and distribute it amongst people who aren’t as so fortunate. I believe to be truly pure in our hearts, we must give.

My Ideal Concert

It was the summer of 2012 in London, England and I had just attended a Mumford and Sons concert. I had been looking forward to attending one of their concerts since they released their Sigh No More Album in 2009. I felt nervous as I sat down but I was definite it would be a great show. As soon as the opening band came on I could feel the electricity in my fingertips. They were absolutely outstanding but I was extremely anxious for what I had been waiting for all this time, Mumford and Sons. While trying to catch my breath feeling astonished, the lights went out. In the midst of the shadows, the band entered the stage. The audience was cheering so loud while I transformed into a euphoric state. As they introduced themselves I refocused just in time to listen to their first song. They performed “I Will Wait” which I had known had been a “hot hit” considering it helped rocket their second album higher in the charts. As they continued to share their music with the audience, I could feel the adrenaline rush through my veins. I knew my energy was being carried throughout the crowd. Everybody was at such a high vibration while we shouted the lyrics with the band. When they announced they were singing their last song, I surprisingly didn’t feel sad. Instead, I felt grateful that I could cross one of my life long dreams off my bucket list. They concluded with my personal favourite, “Babel.” I walked out of the building a happier person. The show was far more memorable than I could have ever imagined. 

Who Am I? Motivations

I’m an achiever. When I put my mind to something, I do it. I will try my hardest to do things the best can for everything. I put my skills to the test every day. I push myself to do the greatest I can do for any goals, tasks, jobs, and chores.

When it comes to goals or tasks, I love receiving the satisfaction of completing them through hard work and dedication. Achievement is my primary motivation factor. I am motivated by checking another thing off my to-do list and having the opportunity to apply my unique skills, knowledge, and abilities. I don’t mind putting in effort because I know it will be worthwhile in the long run. The way I see it, you could do something twice a lazy way or do something once the right way.

I am an independent worker. I’m not influenced by my peers. Any other thoughts, opinions, and decisions don’t affect me. I enjoy privacy and freedom from authority figures to focus on what I want to do. Working independently is followed by a lot of responsibility but I’m a hard worker and I’ve always had a lot of responsibility growing up. I appreciate working on my own time and having flexibility in my schedule.

I cherish recognition after I’ve completed a task. When people acknowledge my achievements, I feel more satisfaction for the work I’ve done. Recognition encourages me to try my best for all of my goals and jobs in the future. I value respect from my peers and authority figures. When I’m not appreciated for my tasks, I begin to worry about if what I’d done wasn’t good enough.

In conclusion, I’m hard working, independent, and enjoy being recognized for my accomplishments. I push myself until I can’t anymore. I don’t appreciate being a subject to authority figures or peers. I do things on my own time and schedule and complete tasks alone. I enjoyed taking this survey to reveal more about my motivations.


Who Am I? Knowledge.

I’ve always enjoyed every subject in school. If I had to choose my favorites, it would have to be English, Physical Education, and French. I enjoy these subjects because they teach me more about myself. I learn how to expand my knowledge within these three classes. I’m grateful I have the resources to take these subjects.


English courses help me develop a better understanding of communication, reading, and writing. Because I’m not very good at communicating my thoughts and ideas in an efficient way, English class encourages me to use my words when expressing something. Not too long ago, I was a horrible reader. I became an avid reader when I started investing my time into writing. I’ve been encouraged to write since I was young, but it wasn’t until recently that I expanded my knowledge and really devoted myself into being the best writer I could be therefor making me a dedicated avid reader.


I’ve always been an active person. Physical Education helps me recognize a happy and healthy lifestyle. I’m usually very active throughout the day but Physical Education encourages me to expand my knowledge and be the most active healthy person I can be.  I was three years old when I started sports. The only lifestyle I’ve ever recognized has included sports. I make it a goal to be active as much as I can and that’s why I take advantage of gym class. 


Because I grew up in a Ukranian family, I’ve been exposed to different ways of communication other than English. I know different ways to help me interpret different languages to make it easier. I have learning tools and resources to help me understand and expand my knowledge. I enjoy French class because it expands my knowledge like speaking Ukrainian does and I find it easy because I’ve never been completely dependent on communication with English. 


Overall, my favorite subjects are Language Arts, Physical Education, and French. I enjoy these subjects because these are my favorite classes that expand my knowledge. I look forward to these classes throughout the school day. I invest my time into these classes because of my compassion for them. I enjoyed taking this quiz to expand my understanding of my favorite subjects. 

Who am I? Interests.

I have many interests. It’s hard to only pick a few to introduce to you today. If I had to choose a few, they would be dancing, painting, writing, and baking. I love these interests with a passion. These interests shaped me into the person I am. I’m grateful my family had the means and resources to allow me to do these hobbies.


I’ve been dancing since before I can remember. I love dancing. I train a total of about 20 hours a week in the studio. I pour my heart into my dancing and I express my story and emotions in my movements. I’ve come a long way from when I started. I’ve received trophies, scholarships, money, free trips, ect. I’ve been through so much with my team including: laughs, cries, excitement, and pain. I’ve been on long road trips along Alberta but the longest I’ve ever gone to dance is Los Angeles, CA. I’ve been exposed to dancing because of my family. A lot of my relatives still pursue the art today. I’m very interested in this passion and I look forward to dancing for many more years to come. 


I love to paint. I’ll demonstrate my skills with watercolor, oil paint, and acrylic. I’ve been painting since i was young. Something about how the colors blend and the satisfaction when you’re finished excites me. I love experimenting with new color combinations. I enjoy this passion because it’s calming and relaxing.


One passion I’m interested in is writing. I keep a journal to write in and update in every single day. I’m not very good at expressing my emotions or feelings verbally so i find it a lot easier to express myself in my writing. I feel like it makes me more creative. I was really bad at reading a year or two ago but since I’ve been writing, i find it a lot easier now. Writing helps me practice to set my own deadlines, stick to a schedule, and set my own goals for more writing to come. 


Another interest of mine is baking. I enjoy baking very much. The satisfaction of eating your own desert after the work you put into making it is so satisfying. I bake as much as I can so I can take my goods to school and I share them with my family. I try to be creative with what I bake and I’m always open to experimenting new things. My favourite part about baking is the smell that is delivered throughout the kitchen. Baking makes me so happy and calm.

Who Am I? Personality.

There are many elements that make up my personality. I’m nice, funny, introverted, emotional, awkward, ect. I get flustered really easy and I can’t put two sentences together without stuttering. I have lots of characteristics that contradict each other. Some days, I’m one way and the other day, I’m the next. 


I’m more introverted than I am extraverted. I relate to being comfortable alone or in small groups. I find it hard to focus when I’m in a group and I get easily flustered. I prefer to work on my own and on my own time.  I don’t enjoy being in the “spotlight” or being the center of attention. I reflect on my decisions pretty harshly and have deep thoughts about things I have done and things to look forward to in the future. That being said, I’m also a bit extroverted. I’m not afraid to say what’s on my mind. I’m impulsive and straight forward. I gain energy when socializing and I’m very outgoing. 


I use my intuition more than I sense and analyze obstacles. I’m more of a type to go with the flow besides a systemic schedule. I often don’t focus on the details and I’m not very observant. I usually see the big picture and I can puzzle together how everything works and fits together. I’m inventive and use my resources to my advantage. If I don’t understand something, I’ll use all my materials for information until I’m satisfied.  I’m not orderly or organized. I’m messy, chaotic, and sloppy. I’m very bad at explaining my ideas or how I feel in a tidy and categorized way. 


When it comes to decision making, I base my decisions on my feelings aside from actually analyzing and thinking about what I need to do. My decisions depend on my rash, unpredicted emotions instead of making them on a non influenced personal bias. I take into account people’s feelings and the circumstances they’re under to make a decision. I believe in equity over equality. 


I’m more open and perceiving other than logical and judging. I don’t judge people quickly. I’m open to new information. I’m flexible and easy going. I’ve never been big on deadlines or restrictions. I’m able to go with the flow and have fun. 


Overall, I’m introverted, straight forward, emotional, and open. There are so many adjectives that represent my personality. I’m everything I mentioned and more. Some days I’m one way and the other I’m completely the opposite. I’m glad I took this survey to reveal more about my personality.

Who Am I? Learning Styles.

The survey revealed that I am most dominant in being a learner which is one of the three learning styles. The other styles are auditory and visual. Auditory and visual are low percentages. I prefer to learn by touching/doing. I’m a hands-on learner.

I am mostly a kinesthetic learner. I tend to move around a lot, study on my own time, gesture with my hands when talking about a subject, and I’m restless with my arms and legs

I prefer a more hands-on experience and just act on my thoughts apart from contemplating them. I use my resources to help me complete a task. I enjoy being told that I did a good job for motivation and it encourages me to continue to be the best I can. I take frequent breaks while I’m learning or studying. I tend to zone out from focusing on tasks for too long if I haven’t taken a mental break. When it comes to learning I’m quite narrow minded. I think my own way and do things on my own time.

I am also an auditory learner. Sometimes I prefer learning and grasping concepts by listening and reading. When I’m at home, I’ll listen to audio books and explanatory YouTube videos to comprehend the books and information easier. I’ll also repeat information to myself when studying. I’ll explain a subject to myself aloud to memorize it easier. When I’m taking a test, I always think about the teacher’s voice when they were talking about the subject I’m trying to focus on. 

Because I’m mostly an auditory and kinesthetic learner, I’m left with a small percentage of being a visual learner. A little amount of the time, I’ll learn from visualizing a subject to comprehend it easier. Sometimes I envision steps in dance before I even attempt it to understand the exact way I need to do it to make it the best it can be. The odd time I’ll also feel confident enough to sit in the front to get the best view and experience. The better view I get, the easier I can focus and take mental pictures in my head to comprehend what’s going on. When I forget something, I’ll close my eyes and try to envision what I’m thinking about.

Overall, I think I’m more of a kinesthetic learner. I barely think about what I’m doing before I do it like auditory and visual learners require. I grab the bull by the horns and figure things out as I go like a kinesthetic learner would.  I use my resources to provide help and do things on my own time. I’m straight forward, restless, unfocused, and narrow minded. It was easy to relate to a kinesthetic learning style and I’m glad I took this survey to find out more about myself.