Who Am I? Knowledge.

I’ve always enjoyed every subject in school. If I had to choose my favorites, it would have to be English, Physical Education, and French. I enjoy these subjects because they teach me more about myself. I learn how to expand my knowledge within these three classes. I’m grateful I have the resources to take these subjects.


English courses help me develop a better understanding of communication, reading, and writing. Because I’m not very good at communicating my thoughts and ideas in an efficient way, English class encourages me to use my words when expressing something. Not too long ago, I was a horrible reader. I became an avid reader when I started investing my time into writing. I’ve been encouraged to write since I was young, but it wasn’t until recently that I expanded my knowledge and really devoted myself into being the best writer I could be therefor making me a dedicated avid reader.


I’ve always been an active person. Physical Education helps me recognize a happy and healthy lifestyle. I’m usually very active throughout the day but Physical Education encourages me to expand my knowledge and be the most active healthy person I can be.  I was three years old when I started sports. The only lifestyle I’ve ever recognized has included sports. I make it a goal to be active as much as I can and that’s why I take advantage of gym class. 


Because I grew up in a Ukranian family, I’ve been exposed to different ways of communication other than English. I know different ways to help me interpret different languages to make it easier. I have learning tools and resources to help me understand and expand my knowledge. I enjoy French class because it expands my knowledge like speaking Ukrainian does and I find it easy because I’ve never been completely dependent on communication with English. 


Overall, my favorite subjects are Language Arts, Physical Education, and French. I enjoy these subjects because these are my favorite classes that expand my knowledge. I look forward to these classes throughout the school day. I invest my time into these classes because of my compassion for them. I enjoyed taking this quiz to expand my understanding of my favorite subjects. 

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