Who Am I? Learning Styles.

The survey revealed that I am most dominant in being a learner which is one of the three learning styles. The other styles are auditory and visual. Auditory and visual are low percentages. I prefer to learn by touching/doing. I’m a hands-on learner.

I am mostly a kinesthetic learner. I tend to move around a lot, study on my own time, gesture with my hands when talking about a subject, and I’m restless with my arms and legs

I prefer a more hands-on experience and just act on my thoughts apart from contemplating them. I use my resources to help me complete a task. I enjoy being told that I did a good job for motivation and it encourages me to continue to be the best I can. I take frequent breaks while I’m learning or studying. I tend to zone out from focusing on tasks for too long if I haven’t taken a mental break. When it comes to learning I’m quite narrow minded. I think my own way and do things on my own time.

I am also an auditory learner. Sometimes I prefer learning and grasping concepts by listening and reading. When I’m at home, I’ll listen to audio books and explanatory YouTube videos to comprehend the books and information easier. I’ll also repeat information to myself when studying. I’ll explain a subject to myself aloud to memorize it easier. When I’m taking a test, I always think about the teacher’s voice when they were talking about the subject I’m trying to focus on. 

Because I’m mostly an auditory and kinesthetic learner, I’m left with a small percentage of being a visual learner. A little amount of the time, I’ll learn from visualizing a subject to comprehend it easier. Sometimes I envision steps in dance before I even attempt it to understand the exact way I need to do it to make it the best it can be. The odd time I’ll also feel confident enough to sit in the front to get the best view and experience. The better view I get, the easier I can focus and take mental pictures in my head to comprehend what’s going on. When I forget something, I’ll close my eyes and try to envision what I’m thinking about.

Overall, I think I’m more of a kinesthetic learner. I barely think about what I’m doing before I do it like auditory and visual learners require. I grab the bull by the horns and figure things out as I go like a kinesthetic learner would.  I use my resources to provide help and do things on my own time. I’m straight forward, restless, unfocused, and narrow minded. It was easy to relate to a kinesthetic learning style and I’m glad I took this survey to find out more about myself.

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