Who Am I? Motivations

I’m an achiever. When I put my mind to something, I do it. I will try my hardest to do things the best can for everything. I put my skills to the test every day. I push myself to do the greatest I can do for any goals, tasks, jobs, and chores.

When it comes to goals or tasks, I love receiving the satisfaction of completing them through hard work and dedication. Achievement is my primary motivation factor. I am motivated by checking another thing off my to-do list and having the opportunity to apply my unique skills, knowledge, and abilities. I don’t mind putting in effort because I know it will be worthwhile in the long run. The way I see it, you could do something twice a lazy way or do something once the right way.

I am an independent worker. I’m not influenced by my peers. Any other thoughts, opinions, and decisions don’t affect me. I enjoy privacy and freedom from authority figures to focus on what I want to do. Working independently is followed by a lot of responsibility but I’m a hard worker and I’ve always had a lot of responsibility growing up. I appreciate working on my own time and having flexibility in my schedule.

I cherish recognition after I’ve completed a task. When people acknowledge my achievements, I feel more satisfaction for the work I’ve done. Recognition encourages me to try my best for all of my goals and jobs in the future. I value respect from my peers and authority figures. When I’m not appreciated for my tasks, I begin to worry about if what I’d done wasn’t good enough.

In conclusion, I’m hard working, independent, and enjoy being recognized for my accomplishments. I push myself until I can’t anymore. I don’t appreciate being a subject to authority figures or peers. I do things on my own time and schedule and complete tasks alone. I enjoyed taking this survey to reveal more about my motivations.


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