Who Am I? Personality.

There are many elements that make up my personality. I’m nice, funny, introverted, emotional, awkward, ect. I get flustered really easy and I can’t put two sentences together without stuttering. I have lots of characteristics that contradict each other. Some days, I’m one way and the other day, I’m the next. 


I’m more introverted than I am extraverted. I relate to being comfortable alone or in small groups. I find it hard to focus when I’m in a group and I get easily flustered. I prefer to work on my own and on my own time.  I don’t enjoy being in the “spotlight” or being the center of attention. I reflect on my decisions pretty harshly and have deep thoughts about things I have done and things to look forward to in the future. That being said, I’m also a bit extroverted. I’m not afraid to say what’s on my mind. I’m impulsive and straight forward. I gain energy when socializing and I’m very outgoing. 


I use my intuition more than I sense and analyze obstacles. I’m more of a type to go with the flow besides a systemic schedule. I often don’t focus on the details and I’m not very observant. I usually see the big picture and I can puzzle together how everything works and fits together. I’m inventive and use my resources to my advantage. If I don’t understand something, I’ll use all my materials for information until I’m satisfied.  I’m not orderly or organized. I’m messy, chaotic, and sloppy. I’m very bad at explaining my ideas or how I feel in a tidy and categorized way. 


When it comes to decision making, I base my decisions on my feelings aside from actually analyzing and thinking about what I need to do. My decisions depend on my rash, unpredicted emotions instead of making them on a non influenced personal bias. I take into account people’s feelings and the circumstances they’re under to make a decision. I believe in equity over equality. 


I’m more open and perceiving other than logical and judging. I don’t judge people quickly. I’m open to new information. I’m flexible and easy going. I’ve never been big on deadlines or restrictions. I’m able to go with the flow and have fun. 


Overall, I’m introverted, straight forward, emotional, and open. There are so many adjectives that represent my personality. I’m everything I mentioned and more. Some days I’m one way and the other I’m completely the opposite. I’m glad I took this survey to reveal more about my personality.

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