There are many things that capture my interests.  Drawing, games, sports, music, and learning to name a few.  Most of the stuff that I do has a purpose, such as being a better me.  If I’m passionate about something I tend to do or practice that all the time and have fun.  I look up to some of the best athletes in each sport and try to be like them; using them as an inspiration to fire me up.  Furthermore I benefit physically, mentally, and spiritually when doing these.  When I grow up I want to have a job that includes math knowledge, for example, engineering.  For sports I am interested in playing basketball, badminton, and boxing.

To start this off, my interest type is the designer.  I agree to this due to the reason I like to draw and build things with tools.  Since I love drawing I was sure that I would get artistic as my primary traits, and I did.  In fact, when I draw, I usually do it for a reason, either to entertain myself or for educational purposes.  Not only that, I do them quietly and independently.

It is said that my secondary is realistic, meaning I focus on working with plants, animals, materials, tools, and machines.  Many of these occupations require working outdoors.  I clearly agree to this due to the reason I love taking care of plants, socializing and learning about animals, etc.

The three occupations listed in the match result tab are: set designer, craftsperson, and jeweler.  Surely I would do this since I am pretty satisfied with the results I’ve gotten.  After all, I love trying something new that catches my interests.

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