To start this off, my favourite subject is mathematics.  Math has been my favourite subject since grade 6.  Before grade 6, I used to be very bad at it, not until my cousin, who is an engineer, inspired me.  That’s when my grades sky-rocketed.  My top three subjects that were listed to me are: computer, physical education, and business.  I don’t really agree with the suggestions other than physical education.


First of all I don’t really have any interest in computers, such as programming.  Usually, the only time I use a computer is when I do school work, games, music, and watching.  Some topics it includes are computer science, and computer programming.   After this is physical education.  Majority of my interest is in physical education.  It definitely includes sports, wellness, and health science.  I have a big passion for sports, and fitness, such as calisthenics.  Last but not least is business.  Topics they included are: accounting, entrepreneurship, and marketing.   I’ve had little thoughts about these, but I’ve never actually wanted to do it in real life.


A career cluster that I have in mind is engineering.  Like I’ve said before, I was inspired by my cousin who is an engineer.  I don’t really have any interest in the suggestion they listed.  Some other career clusters they suggested are science, and technology.  The three occupations listed are aerospace engineer, agricultural engineer, and aircraft maintenance engineer technician.  I don’t know if I would enjoy these because I still don’t know what I’m going to be, all I know it has something to do with math. 

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