Who Am I? – Motivations

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Independence, is my first motivation factor after I reviewed my results. It was followed by recognition. I believe the results sort of follow through with what I believe in myself. I am kind of shocked by them.

Overall, independence means I like to flow with my own path, not being influenced or controlled by others and attempt to make my own decisions. It mainly consists of acting upon yourself by not relying on others. Many exemplary opportunities to look forward to may include trying out new ideas in mind, making your own decisions, plan your own routine or schedule, along with minimal supervision. I follow through with these since I believe most people are not the best to rely upon or even trust in many situations. In addition, I strongly enjoy doing many things for the best of myself, to become better and a more solid being. 

Secondly comes recognition. I love the feeling of being approved or acknowledged by others for my right doings. The appreciation of my success definitely makes me feel like a narcissistic person but it’s a positive when others endorse me. Opportunities many others would look for consist of promotions and advancements, recognition over your hard work, lead or managing your peers, and getting admired by others.


Now, the idea I got from my results was that I can work hard alone and in the end get recognized for the effort I put in. It’s kind of like a 50/50, for the amount of work you decide to put in, you will receive the spotlight for your achievements or success.

Who Am I Knowledge Survey

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Shortly, I reviewed my survey results and was quite happy and satisfied with my results. I think that in my future they would work well together! My number 1 was business, followed by mathematics, then physical education. I really love business and would love to pursue in business studies to understand how a business functions along with their financial structure. A few jobs that follow along with business is accounting, marketing, and entrepreneurship. I feel that mathematics would work well along with business for it helps solving problems and calculating numbers which could be replaced with prices. I would like to continue a healthy lifestyle and be fit, which is where physical education takes place.

My career cluster read finance. It includes most things that have to do with money, such as services for financial  and investment planning, banking, and business financial management. This field of work falls under the territory of business which includes working with a business on a small or large scale to help manage their problems and decisions which include money.

I am extremely confident with my results for I am interested in finances and business for sure. A fit and healthy life style will keep my up with my high standards and along with taking away my free time. Accountant, actuary, and bank teller are three occupations that follow along with the results of my survey. I believe they make decent amount of money, especially if you put more than minimum effort the outcome will be great for my future.

Interest Survey

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Recently, I had read the results to my “interests’ survey. It asks questions related to employment roles that may interest yourself. After I reviewed the results, I figured out I am the professional. Followed by enterprising and conventional.

Being the professional means that they always have a plan and a persuasive, ambitious, and proper role models. They have very excellent ways of socializing and work well with their peers. They like strict routines and schedules which makes their home environment well to do their work. If you are looking for the person to create a schedule you know who to call. Entrepreneur, marketing manager, and customs broker all require professionalism and have conventionalism and entrepreneur traits in the results.

I am 69% enterprising, these kind of occupations are related and involved in the world of business. They love to drive new projects. It takes leadership skills and willingness to take risks.

I am 54% conventional where these type of occupants analyze, organize, and understand data in their work bases. They create plans, routines, along with processes. These kind of occupants appreciate well organized environments.

I strongly agree with my results and I’m satisfied! I take strong will in leading my peers and do my job well. I love working in an organized environment with a strict schedule that’s well planned. I’m very hardworking and determined. I love starting new projects that I will finish when it is due and do it well. I am usually willing to taking risks when it comes to work. Overall, I am very interested in business and I believe it should be done well and fairly among others.

Personality Report

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Shortly after writing the “Personality Survey”, I received my results. My so called type of personality is known as ENTJ, also the fieldmarshal. A fieldmarshal is known to be a leader, and to take responsibility and creating equality among their peers. For example, they make sure everyone has an equal part in a group project and make sure they are done before the given time. They work well with others for they are very social.



A few traits related to this personality type can include extroverted, judging, intuiting, and thinkers. Being extroverted means they’re social butterflies, enjoy being in the spotlight, they gain energy socializing and are extremely comfortable with peers. They are also impulsive people for they speak their mind freely. They use their intuition well by linking new teachings from the past ones. They are an “abstract thinker meaning it’s the ability to absorb information from their senses. Many of their decisions come from observing and judging which to others may make them seem uncaring and impartial. Although they are judging, they are very unbiased and fair when it comes to others.


Overall, ENTJ personalities seem mellow and caring of others. I believe the most important and valuable personality trait the carry is how they think, the have a non-opinionated and fair thought process.In the end, I think it’s important to understand your own personality for you can perceive yourself as others and get to understand yourself more.

Learning Styles

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After taking a few minutes to fill out a short survey, I figured out that I am an “auditory learner”. An auditory learner means that the person learns by listening and hearing the instructions.



I do agree, although I am great at learning through other ways, I usually find my self listening to oral instructions or teachings. To help myself study, I prefer writing notes on the topic and then read them over out loud, listen to someone speak about the teaching, be orally quizzed upon the lesson, or even rewrite the notes. When something that I need to mentally know well, I find that just repeating these notes by reading them or someone speaking of the topics helps to ensure that it was memorized. Maybe another time, I will try to review previously used worksheets from that class as this may be beneficial for I will be rereading them. Knowing that listening may help me learn, I will try harder to not be distracted by peers so I can focus on listening to my teacher talk. I already do practice this and I definitely notice it helps more than reading the instructions given. I also noticed that I’m great at listening to friends when they need to relieve stress.


Knowing this, I think it has helped me realize that if I focus more on listening, it will help me remember more. I am glad to now realize that I’m an auditory learner for it is most definitely true!

Hello world!

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